How Influencer Nick Yardy Went from Zero to Eight-Figures in Five Years

Nick Yardy

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Achieving success in any industry takes hard work, dedication, and patience. However, those qualities are needed to be multiplied tenfold when it comes to finding a job post-prison. You can’t just apply for the first thing you see on Monster or Indeed—companies have reservations about hiring someone with a criminal record. Thankfully, social media is a new way to make money that doesn’t involve toiling away at a dead-end job. Social media is your ticket if you are looking for an alternative career or just want to make some extra money on the side.

There are plenty of success stories from people who have found work through social media, and Nick Yardy is one of them. Nick has been monetizing his social media platforms since 2017 and has grown a combined net following of 15M+ for himself and his clients. Further, he has managed to make over $6M as a social media influencer and used that income to create a real estate empire worth over $2M. He’s also big on philanthropy and has given back over $50K to charity.

Nick’s story reads like a fairytale, but it’s anything but. In fact, it began after serving a year in prison and getting out with no money or hope of gainful employment. A few months later, he started building his social media following and consistently growing his brand. The timing was right because social platforms like Instagram had blown up only a few years before, and TikTok was coming up fast. From video content to memes and trivia, Nick consistently created and posted engaging content that has enabled him to build a social media business and help others do the same.

On Instagram alone, he has 8.2M followers and counting. His TikTok has over 434K followers and has gained around 300M views cumulatively in 2022 alone. Nick also manages social media accounts for his clients and has grown them to millions of subscribers and followers. He explains he’s managed to rack in 6 figures every month from all his LLCs and social media pages over the past few years, making him one of the most successful social media entrepreneurs. Using his own experiences, Nick has also trained others on the ins and outs of operating a multi-million-dollar business year after year.

“Social media is more than just a means of communication. It’s also a way to find your voice,” Nick shares. “You may not know this, but social media is the most powerful form of marketing. It’s also a way to build an audience that will give you an incredible following if you use it correctly.” Nick further explains he leveraged that power to build a successful real estate empire and record label, Nick Yard Productions. Artist Beach Boii recently signed to the label and has racked up over 10 million streams since Nick Yard Productions took him on.

With social media usage skyrocketing and experts projecting that this won’t change any time soon, Nick is determined to leverage this growth and maximize his business’ potential. His goal is to build a bigger and stronger empire and positively impact lives. Nick hopes to help aspiring content creators become financially free and find their own versions of success. He’d also love to give back to his community and help the less fortunate in his home country Jamaica where he lived until he was 12 before moving to Florida.

Nick Yardy

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