How Luiz F. Costa Macambira is Shaping The Forbes Brand In Europe Today

Luiz F. Costa Macambira

Written In Partnership with Paloma Rossanno

When thinking of entrepreneurs, there are many characteristics that make them successful. Some of these characteristics may consist of a determined work ethic, passion, creativity, motivation, and others. However, one important aspect of any entrepreneur is their ability to adapt and grow with not only their environment, but also themselves. More specifically, in today’s globalized world where we deal with plentiful competition and technology, “adaptability is vital for any form of success.” Following adaptability, comes versatility, which is your ability to adapt in the first place, in which “people who are not versatile are resistant to change and single-minded.”

When applying these concepts to the business world and to one’s life, having adaptability and versatility can open new doors and opportunities. It can make way for better work ethic and strategy, as well as expanding the possibilities for different career paths. An entrepreneur who exemplifies these qualities in not only his work and career choices, but also his life, is Luiz F. Costa Macambira.

Although he was born in Brazil, he grew up travelling to many different places and immersing himself in different cultures. He now can speak five different languages, breaking many social and entrepreneurial boundaries throughout the way. Costa Macambira’s first successful business venture took place in the 1990s in Miami, where he started a commodity trading firm that focused on the business landscape of soft commodities. He especially worked with the coffee market in the Russian region, which would prove to be very successful. His firm helped companies in the market work out the most efficient and productive financial strategies. This allowed companies to move away from the larger coffee establishments that controlled the market. In turn, he became known as “the King of Coffee,” as he practically cornered the Russian coffee market, breaking up the cartel of large establishments and giving greater independence in the trading structures.

Exemplifying his adaptability in that trading environment, he found solutions and efficiency in areas that big corporations would normally run away from. Then, following these accomplishments, he felt that it was time for a pseudo “early retirement.” In other words, he was ready for a change and a new challenge to take upon.

With Monaco’s reputation of having more billionaires and millionaires per capita than anywhere else in the world, Costa Macambira felt the desire to be surrounded by this population, as well as the coast’s beautiful scenery. With entrepreneurs, businessmen, and celebrities alike making up the area, he soon noticed the need to portray and represent its economic and social environments. That is when he eventually launched Forbes Monaco in 2017 that would do just that.

Already being a part of Monaco’s high society, known as the “Monaco Club,” he was well immersed into their culture. Even without previous journalism or media experience, he was ready to use his knowledge and skills, as well as position, to make Forbes Monaco the go-to source for anything business or society-related for the elite locals. The magazine found much success, reaching not only the surrounding population, but beyond. Eventually he applied the strategy and format of the publication to the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. As the key leader of all these platforms, Costa Macambira continues to adapt and learn from his work, further advancing his entrepreneurial successes.



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