How Russ Berman, Co-Founder of Berman Law Group, is Giving Back to the Community

Russ Berman

Written in partnership with Ascend Agency

Personal injury law, as a tort law branch, protects the victims who suffered mental, physical, or financial losses. For decades, lawyers have continued litigation for the poor and deprived to help them get back what they deserve or lost. The Berman Law Group is one such full-service legal firm that has earned a reputation in the injury field for its proven track record of case settlements. Russ Berman, the co-founder and partner at Berman Law Group continues to lead the firm to achieve excellence. With a specialization in civil litigation and catastrophic claims, Russ Berman has represented thousands of clients in his career, recovering millions on their behalf.

Russ Berman and his twin brother founded Berman Law Group to give back to the community. The firm has an experienced team of attorneys who work tirelessly to help victims get what they deserve. The team is available for round-the-clock consultation and case evaluation. It offers various services such as personal injury, catastrophic injury, class action, mass tort, medical malpractices, corporate law, real estate law, and hurricane damage.

Berman Law Group is the first law firm to file a nationwide class action against the People’s Republic of China for causing the global pandemic. Attorney Matthew Moore of The Berman Law Group alleged China for its failure to report and control the Covid 19 virus or disclose the exact number of cases. To add to the list of astounding achievements, Berman Law Group is on its way to becoming a publicly traded law firm. This puts Berman Law Group right on top of the list of first law firms to penetrate the U.S. stock market.

Given its vision to give back to the community, Berman Law Group extends its reach, donating to 30 charity foundations working to educate underprivileged children. Frank Biden, brother to the U.S President and also a senior advisor to Berman Law Group, has recently participated in a community giveaway organized by the firm. In partnership with the Berman Law Group, Frank Biden distributed 100 turkeys to needy families.

Apart from scaling up Berman Law Group, Russ Berman is also involved in several business ventures with his twin brother. They own TBT Baseball, a real estate company, a magazine, an airline, a yacht brokerage, a baseball team, and a gym. They also own TBT Ballers and are actively training budding athletes at TBT. The brothers have recently launched a TBT Court Reality TV series with a celebrity jury panel. They also founded, an online platform for hiring an injury attorney across Florida.

Russ Berman and his twin brother are working on a big FinTech Project that creates a unique marketplace. This project, expected to go public soon, would help people enter the trading space more securely. Russ Berman is optimistic about people’s support in all facets of their ventures, whether the law firm or the financial marketplace. With a mission to give back to the community, Russ Berman hopes to see more people rising to the challenge of becoming the next Berman Law Group and TBT in the coming years.



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