How Successful Teenage Entrepreneur, Nathan Nazareth, Built His E-Commerce Businesses From Scratch To 7-Figures


Written in partnership with Nathan Nazareth

The lucrative world of e-commerce has given many people the opportunity to turn their fortunes around for good, making them millions of dollars basically out of nowhere. One such person is self-made 21-year-old millionaire Nathan Nazareth, who started his dropshipping business straight out of his first year of college, bringing in up to $10,000 in pure profit on average per month.

From his journey in business and the incredible success achieved within this short time he’s been doing dropshipping, Nathan couldn’t be more hopeful and upbeat about the future of his business.

For Nathan, it is still surprising to see how far he’s come and achieved with his business. He says it’s ‘crazy’ considering the amount of money he makes online. But before Nathan started his dropshipping business, he did try his hands at small part-time jobs just to support himself through college.

He needed extra money on his hand to have the ‘full college experience,’ hang out with friends at restaurants and look fly. So, it was the desire to make more money while still in school that triggered his online search for a business that he could try his hands on. And it was easy for Nathan to think in that direction instead of just sitting back and waiting for handouts from his parents.

Nathan Nazareth has always had that entrepreneurial drive and blood flowing in his veins; he sold petty stuff back in high school, like duct tape, wallets, and candies, to make extra money.

His search led him to businesses like dropshipping, FX, crypto, and the like. Ultimately, Nathan zeroed in on dropshipping and social media marketing to make his fortune. The rest, as they say, is history with social media marketing; Nathan says the core advantage is that he didn’t need any start-up money to invest, unlike crypto and FX, which may require substantial investment money to start trading.

Initially, Nathan didn’t know much about dropshipping and social media marketing, so he had to learn on the job. He took advantage of online resources available on Facebook and YouTube to learn the basic skills he needed to succeed in e-commerce, media buying business, and social media management.

His process was pragmatic and focused. “I made a spreadsheet of hundreds of different businesses,” he explains. After having compiled the list of businesses he wanted to reach out to, Nathan spent 45 minutes daily on calls, trying to get his first deal in.

Being 18 at the time, it took a while before someone decided to give Nathan a try. And when that time came, Nathan quickly capitalized on that and steadily began to grow his business by investing more time, effort, and energy into bringing other clients on board.

With that much effort Nathan put in, he had up to nine clients he was working with and doing between $15,000 and $20,000 per month by the end of seven months. He even had to recruit friends from school to work with him since he obviously couldn’t manage all that business alone.

Part of Nathan’s inspiration to succeed with his dropshipping and media buying businesses was the stories of people like him he studied on the internet. With a positive mental attitude, he challenged himself to do more and push himself until he succeeded.

“I kept telling myself; there’s no difference between these guys and me,” he says. “So, I kept trying different products and testing different things.” When he got his first winning products that began to do well and bring in money, Nathan scaled that up to over $100,000 in just over a month.

Nathan describes himself as an all-around entrepreneur, not merely in terms of dropshipping, even though that is his core business right now. Aside from focusing on his agency and making a lot of money, Nathan also thinks it’s time to give back; to help others learn how to succeed in e-commerce by providing them with the education they need to navigate the waters of e-commerce.

“I have an education company specializing in e-commerce,” he reveals. “With my agency, I have dreams of working with some of the largest influencers in the world for the next five to ten years.”

Some of those massive influencers Nathan is looking at and inspire him include celebrities like the Kardashians, Logan Paul, and Mr. Beast, to name a few, who have become globally acclaimed brands on their own with enough fans and status to pull in billions of dollars for any brand they endorse.

And speaking of education, Nathan has learned much from running his dropshipping and media-buying agency businesses. He stumbled, fell, re-launched his brand, and returned stronger after hitting ground zero.

After that period, Nathan self-motivated himself to start again. He learned from that mistake as he began building his business again meticulously. The tide quickly turned in his favour by working with purpose and dedication. He saw himself scaling multiple stores, doing multiple products and earning 6-figures in only a few months after the setback his business suffered. “My income jumped from five or $10,000 a month to like $30, $40, $50, $60,000 a month in profit during that period,” he says.

Today, Nathan Nazareth says he’s out to help others as well. Even though he is still very young, Nathan knows he can contribute to the success stories of others still trying to find their feet in the e-commerce space. He is leveraging his YouTube channel, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram to create and upload educational content so others can learn from his experiences.


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