Where to Buy TikTok Followers, Likes, Views and Double the Viewers

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Knowing where to buy TikTok followers, likes, views, and double the viewers is necessary for online success. With the help of reliable and tried-and-tested social media engagement providers, you can begin increasing your following overnight, helping you boost your reputation and awareness.

Whether you dream of being the next big influencer or an established brand, buying engagement is your first step. This guide lists some of the most reputable TikTok engagement providers that you can consider.

Where to Buy TikTok Followers, Likes, Views, and Double the Viewers: 11 Best Sites

Let’s explore 11 of the best sites you can use to buy various engagement packages. Whether you want to buy TikTok likes or buy TikTok followers, they have multiple options for you to consider.

1. Social-Viral.com

Social-Viral.com is one of our top-rated sources for getting your hands on authentic TikTok engagement. Their packages help you learn how to buy followers on TikTok, beginning your path to online success. With their user-friendly website, figuring out how to get TikTok followers has never been simpler.

Social Viral

Social-Viral.com not only offers engagement for TikTok but other platforms as well. You’ll find packages for Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With the help of these numerous options, you can improve your social media platforms across the internet.

How to Purchase Engagement

Let’s jump into the quick and simple process for buying TikTok followers through Social-Viral.com. It only takes three steps and is as simple as buying anything online.

For the first step, you have to pick a package that best suits your needs, one with enough followers, likes, or views to make a difference. Once you’ve chosen a package with the right level of engagement and for an affordable price, you begin the checkout process.

At this point, you have to fill out your social media information to direct the traffic to the correct account. Social-Viral.com will never ask for any credentials, such as your account passwords, to get started.

After you have given your profile username and paid for your package, your growth will begin. Depending on the amount of engagement you’ve purchased, your order may be delivered within 24 hours. With some larger packages, delivery times may vary, but they are exponentially faster than with other platforms.

Packages Available

Let’s take a quick look at some of the more popular packages Social-Viral.com offers when you want to buy TikTok followers or buy TikTok likes.

TikTok Follower Packages

  • 50 Followers: $1.58
  • 100 Followers: $2.25
  • 250 Followers: $4.50

TikTok Likes Packages

  • 50 Likes: $1.58
  • 100 Likes: $2.25
  • 250 Likes: $4.50

TikTok Views Packages

  • 5000 Views: $3.00
  • 10,000 Views: $3.75
  • 15,000 Views: $6.00

As you can see, their package pricing is quite reasonable, and all of the prices are available on the site. Whether you’re a small or big-time creator, there are likes, views, and follower packages available for you.

2. Stormlikes.net

Stormlikes.net is our favorite alternative to Social-Viral.com. Both sites have remarkable benefits to offer social media users, such as straightforward engagement packages. Also, they provide transparent pricing, making it simpler to manage your social media marketing strategy at a low cost.

With Stormlikes.net, you can buy followers, views, and likes that get delivered within minutes. They are also available at reasonable prices, such as TikTok likes for as little as $2.99 per 100 likes. If you’re looking to buy TikTok followers, this is one of the best sites you’ll be able to find.


Let’s go into further detail about the benefits of Stormlikes.net. First, users will have access to guaranteed instant delivery. After you put through your order, fulfillment will begin almost immediately.

The only time you might notice a delay in processing is when you begin ordering substantial engagement packages. For example, if you want 10,000 TikTok likes, your order will take a little longer to be fulfilled. However, this is best, as it helps to make your growth appear organic and natural.

Stormlikes.net also ensures that your personal information is kept private and secure. They never require your password for your profiles, which is essential. Also, you won’t have to provide any additional credentials to get the traffic you’ve purchased. Why don’t you try buying tiktok views first? 


Another considerable benefit to Stormlikes.net is that they help you with every step. With their 24/7 live support team, you can ask any questions at any time. As a beginner, it can give you peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated account manager to help guide you through the process.


As mentioned, you can buy several different types of engagement from this platform. Let’s jump into some of their most popular packages when you want to get TikTok followers.

TikTok Followers Packages

  • 100 Followers: $2.99
  • 250 Followers: $5.99
  • 500 Followers: $9.99

TikTok Likes Packages

  • 100 Likes: $2.99
  • 250 Likes: $5.99
  • 500 Likes: $9.99

TikTok Views Packages

  • 100 Views: $.49
  • 250 Views: $1.17
  • 500 Views: $2.25

3. Followers.io

Followers.io is a great resource to learn how to buy followers on TikTok. Their exclusive packages are helpful for beginners and veteran account owners alike. If you’re looking for a way to streamline your social media marketing strategy, their services are helpful.

One of the largest benefits of buying TikTok followers and buying TikTok likes from this platform is their authenticity. You won’t have to worry about using a low-quality service that only offers bots and fake accounts. Instead, you’ll have hundreds of followers from active profiles, maintaining a good level of engagement on your page.

Regarding price, Followers.io isn’t the least expensive option that we’ve found. In fact, if you want to buy TikTok followers cheap, many other platforms are better. However, regarding price, you can expect to pay $4.00 for 100 followers at the least.

4. Stormviews

Stormviews.net is a helpful resource to use when you want to learn how to buy Youtube views. They also have a collection of packages to help you buy Youtube subscribers. It’s designed similarly to other platforms, giving you the ability to improve your reach and online credibility.

When you place an order with this platform, the campaign starts within 24 hours. This means that your engagement will start being delivered within this timeframe. It’s quick and efficient, helping you achieve reasonable growth in less time.

Like other platforms, you won’t have to give any personal information, such as your password, to order likes, views, or subscribers. You need your profile URL so the company knows who to direct the traffic to. After purchasing, the process is very streamlined, making it an easy way for beginners to buy views on Youtube.

Another great benefit of this platform is they have a customer support team to help you. If you have any questions or concerns, their personal account manager is always ready to help. Also, they can assist with finding the perfect number of followers, likes, and views that your profile needs.

5. ExploreinLife

ExploreinLife is one of the many sites where you can learn how to get TikTok followers in minutes. Their packages are slightly different than other platforms, separating the engagement by demographics. For example, you can choose to buy 100 female or male followers based on the audience you want to reach.

Currently, the site doesn’t allow you to buy other types of engagement, such as likes or views. However, their follower packages are diverse, ranging from 100 followers to 25,000 followers. Along with TikTok, this platform also offers engagement for other sites, like Instagram.

The process for buying TikTok followers from ExploreinLife is straightforward. You have to pick a package, enter your profile URL and email, and watch your metrics grow. Most orders are delivered within 24 hours, though some may take longer to reach your page.

6. TikTop

There is nothing better than getting your hands on reliable followers, likes, and views. Not only does it help to boost your online presence, but your credibility as well. TikTop is a great resource to buy TikTok likes and buy TikTok followers at reasonable prices.

Although this isn’t the site to visit if you want to buy TikTok followers cheap, their results are high-quality. You’ll have authentic engagement from active profiles, ensuring you always have genuine members to advertise to. This benefit is also essential for getting organic growth, as it helps you grow naturally over time.

Currently, TikTop allows customers to buy TikTok likes and get TikTok followers without any packages for views. Their pricing starts at $3.99 and goes up to $69.99 for 5000 followers. Fortunately, there are a few different packages to choose from depending on the level of growth you want to achieve.

7. PayMeToo

PayMeToo understands the importance of helping its customers learn how to buy followers on TikTok. With that said, they have several comprehensive packages to help get you started. You’ll love their services if you’re a new account looking to spread your reach to a larger audience.

On their site, you’ll be able to browse through the different packages they offer and pricing. There are multiple benefits to be had with each package, such as accessing genuine followers with your purchase. Paired with “SuperFast Delivery”, you’ll begin to see significant growth within 24 to 48 hours.

Like other platforms where you can buy engagement, PayMeToo features 24/7 support. You’ll be able to contact their customer service team to have your questions answered. Also, they can help guide you through the process, ensuring you’re ordering the right amount of engagement.

8. BuySocialToday

When deciding to buy followers on TikTok and other types of engagement, BuySocialToday has many packages. Uniquely, they have divided their range of packages by the quality of followers. Instead of investing thousands in low-quality fake profiles and bots, their packages are filled with active users.

Currently, the platform offers starter, popular, premium, platinum, and diamond followers. Each comes with an assortment of benefits as well as different pricing. For example, the starter followers are priced from $1.99 per 100 followers while diamond followers are $20.90 for 2500 followers.

There are many benefits to this platform if you want to buy TikTok likes or get TikTok followers. Once you make a purchase, you’ll have a 30-day refill guarantee, so if your follower count dips, the company reimburses you. Also, you can choose to have your engagement drip-fed to your profile, making your attention look authentic and organic.

Most notably, BuySocialToday offers relatively quick delivery times depending on the package. If you buy 100 followers, they’ll be delivered within 24 hours. Larger packages, such as 2500 followers, are guaranteed to be delivered within six days.

9. TikFreeFollowers

TikFreeFollowers is a great resource to buy TikTok followers cheap. You’ll find many different packages suitable for small and large account owners. Also, their packages are adaptable for independent influencers or well-known large-scale brands.

With the discreet payment processing and checkout, you’ll be able to grow your audience in seconds. Your personal information will always be kept private, as the company works with trusted payment systems. Also, you won’t have to give your passwords for your social media accounts to get your hands on your new traffic.

With TikFreeFollowers, buying TikTok followers is straightforward and quick. They offer many advantages as others, such as guaranteed refills and 24/7 live support. Additionally, they keep you updated via email about the delivery of your order so you know when to expect it.

10. ViewsExpert

If you’re looking for a social media engagement company with years of experience, ViewsExpert is a good choice. They have helped many users learn how to get TikTok followers in minutes. It’s a far better alternative than spending hours refining a social media strategy.

With ViewsExpert, you’ll be able to choose from an assortment of packages to buy TikTok likes. Also, they let you buy followers on TikTok and get more views. By buying TikTok followers, you can increase your online popularity in minutes rather than months.

Currently, the packages from ViewsExpert start at $6.00 for 250 followers. You can also choose from larger packages, such as 2500 followers for $44.00. Although they’re not the ideal place to buy TikTok followers cheap, their packages feature high-quality traffic.

11. SocialGreg

Our final recommendation to learn how to buy followers on TikTok is to rely on SocialGreg. Their packages are quite enhanced and have served over 405,000 customers since their start. You can buy likes and buy TikTok followers on the site within minutes.

SocialGreg ensures that every order is delivered, offering a full guarantee. If you do not receive your full order, you can get a complete refund. Additionally, all traffic brought to your profile will be from real people with active accounts.

Keeping your social media at its peak is essential for brand awareness and reach. With that said, this platform also features automatic refills. If you choose to have your order refilled regularly, the company controls your social media growth for you.

Over time, you’re bound to experience many benefits when you buy followers on TikTok. It will bring more organic growth to your page, helping you attract your target demographic more easily.

Choose a Reputable Provider, and You’ll Never Go Wrong!

When looking to get TikTok followers, there are plenty of things to consider. These 11 sites can help you know where to buy TikTok followers, likes, views, and double the number of viewers overnight. As long as you choose a reputable platform, your chances of online success are right around the corner.

FAQs About Where to Buy TikTok Engagement

Choosing to buy Tik Tok followers is a definite way to begin your online success and growth. However, since it’s still a relatively new process, you likely have questions. Let’s look at some of the most frequently discussed topics when it comes to learning how to buy followers on TikTok.

1. How to get TikTok followers?

Learning how to buy followers on TikTok is very simple, but you must use a trustworthy service. The last thing you’ll want is a group of inactive followers that make your growth appear unnatural, bringing attention to your profile. If TikTok determines you have breached their terms of service, your account could be suspended.

There are plenty of great sites you can use, such as those in this list. With Social-Viral.com and Stormlikes.net, you’ll get genuine users to help with your growth. This process ensures you attract more organic followers and real accounts, increasing your following ten-fold.

2. Does buying TikTok views work?

There’s no doubt figuring out how to buy followers on TikTok works. Multiple popular influencers have used these social media services to keep their following at a good amount. Also, it’s a fantastic way for new users to boost their engagement rate and social proof their profiles.

The most important thing to consider is to learn to buy Tik Tok followers in the right amounts. If you buy too few, you won’t get enough traffic to make a difference. Also, if you buy too much, it will look like your growth is bought.

3. Is buying TikTok followers worth it?

Investing in a social media strategy is one of the most expensive things that a company can do. Most businesses hire professionals to manage their social media for them. This can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially when working with multiple platforms.

Alternatively, you might want to try to manage your social media following independently. Instead of costing a lot of money, it will cost you more time than you imagined. It can often take hours daily to manage your social media on your own.

A far better option is buying TikTok followers and other types of engagement. You can boost your following without focusing on traditional social media marketing steps with this process. It cuts out the need for social media experts and can help you focus on the other parts of your business.

4. Does buying likes on TikTok help?

Like buying TikTok likes, deciding to buy TikTok followers can be quite helpful. With likes, you can boost the popularity of your posted video content overnight. The more traction your videos get, the more likely they will be featured on the Discover page.

This is the primary way that videos on the platform go viral, bringing an exceptional number of new followers to your profile. As long as you continue to pack valuable traffic onto your profile’s videos, buying engagement is ideal.

5. Is it safe to buy TikTok likes?

Safety is a primary concern for people who want to buy TikTok followers cheap. The last thing you want is to give your personal information to engagement services that never deliver. Luckily, there are a few ways to check whether you’re safely buying TikTok followers or putting your data at risk.

The first step is to choose a reputable site that features customer reviews and testimonials. It’s also important to make sure the growth service accepts different payment types (PayPal, credit card, etc.). The final recommendation is always to make sure you never have to provide your account password.

Another important thing to consider with buying TikTok followers safely is the platform itself. With TikTok’s terms of service, you’ll need your growth to appear natural. When you buy Tik Tok followers, they should be slowly added to your page to avoid any suspicion.

6. Can you buy real TikTok followers?

Luckily, it is possible to buy real TikTok followers when working with trustworthy platforms. Having access to genuine accounts will pad your profile with active followers that interact with your content. It also ensures that your follower total stays at the perfect level for longer.

Always ensure the service providers you choose advertise genuine activity from real people. Otherwise, you’ll be investing in traffic that won’t positively affect your metrics. Also, it’s likely your follower total will drop to zero faster than you expected.

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