How To Expand Your Business Online In 2023 The Right Way

Digital Drew

Businesses now conduct maximum online marketing campaigns for more than one reason; Besides being the most cost-effective means of communication, digital media can reach a highly targeted audience across the globe and even enhance CRM systems for brands to a new level. With time, the digital landscape has evolved with more tough-to-penetrate analytics. Still, experts like Drew Blumenthal have managed to crack them every time to help businesses monetize their online presence. Drew Blumenthal, also known as Digital Drew, is the founder and CEO of Digital Drew SEM, a search engine marketing company.

Starting his entrepreneurial journey at 24, Drew Blumenthal has scaled up his agency to a 7-figure business from scratch. It wasn’t a doodle for him as he initially struggled to get noticed by prospective clients. Over time, Blumenthal developed a website to find credibility for his business online. Gradually he started ranking on platforms through search engine optimization. Today Digital Drew SEM has become Google Premier Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner and ranked as one of the top companies by “Superb Companies.” The agency was recognized among the top marketing agencies by experts for 2 years in a row.

Currently, Blumenthal is managing a team of more than 10 people, keen on brainstorming new marketing ideas. Under his leadership, Digital Drew SEM stands out for providing result-driven services. Unlike many agencies in this space that adopts a one-size-fits-all strategy, Digital Drew SEM is making all the effort to bring a new perspective that redefines online business growth. Having walked the path himself, Blumenthal believes that anyone with an idea can start and scale a business with the right online exposure. This is where Blumenthal is leveraging his expertise to help businesses find growth.

Digital Drew SEM provides various services to help brands across industries find recognition in the digital space. The services include Google advertising, Instagram advertising, Website development, Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Ads, and email marketing. Optimizing the presence of a business online is the first step to generating leads, and Digital Drew SEM excels here. The team’s highly professional approach at Digital Drew SEM creates a true social media presence that builds trust among customers and the long-term credibility of the brand.

Blumenthal has scaled up Digital Drew SEM beyond just a marketing company, product, or agency. It has become an initiative that is helping aspiring entrepreneurs leverage the power of digital media. Digital marketing is not a puzzle but a strategy that is accessible and adaptable to any business that wants to grow. Since its inception, the agency has focused on helping clients and individuals reach new customers and engage with existing ones through social media. This is proof of the mind-blowing marketing stats Digital Drew SEM has achieved on Google search results, likes on Instagram, and views on uploaded videos.

Going forward, Digital Drew SEM wants to reach more passion-driven entrepreneurs helping them with proven marketing tactics and advertising models. Blumenthal, as the brain behind the agency, will continue to lead the online marketing and advertising space at the forefront. He remains committed to sharing his knowledge with the world to help more start-ups become global giants.

Written in partnership with Edwin Rodriguez 

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