How to Put on a Professional Fireworks Show at Home

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Whether you’re gearing up for the Fourth of July or have some leftover fireworks, take your backyard display to a whole new level with these three expert tips.

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  1. Get in Line: An easy way to up your game is to link your aerials with a spool of green safety fuse, says Josh Pappas of the retailer Superior Fireworks. That way, you can tape together all the fuses, then strike one match, sit back, and enjoy the show. For extra handle, buy a remote-control ignition kit.
  2. Bring the Noise: “Music is a big part of the spectacle,” says Phil Grucci of the pyrotechnics firm Fireworks by Grucci. So make a playlist that flows well, then crank it. He suggests using pretty ones for lighthearted songs, and bigger, louder rockets for more hard-driving and anthemic tunes.
  3. Build Drama: Even if you can afford tons of big 25-shot repeater cakes, you don’t want to blast them off the whole time. Your show will be one-dimensional. Consider dynamics: “You want to start small, maybe low to the ground, and then go up in speed, height, and power,” says Pappas.

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