Hunker Down And Enjoy Your Shut-In With Doom: Eternal

Doom: Eternal

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Looking for ways to keep yourself entertained during the pandemic? Gaming is a great way to pass the time; check out the recent piece we published about Video Game Consoles. But you’re gonna need games with that console. There’s a lot to choose from. Why not pick up a brand new game that is sure to become a fast favorite? That game is Doom: Eternal and it is one of most metal experiences to ever grace gaming.

Doom: Eternal is a first-person shooter (FPS) where you are the only line of defense against an invasion from hell. That’s right: A portal to hell has been opened up on Earth and an invasion is in full effect when the game starts. This game doesn’t waste any time, throwing you right into the muck. What follows is hours upon hours of some of the most deceptively difficult but enjoyable gameplay in recent memory.

Doom: Eternal

The simple way to look at Doom: Eternal is that it is an empty shooter. Just mindless action. But there is more to it than that. There’s a complexity to the game. Each demon has certain weaknesses. The demons never stop swarming and will come from the front, the back, and above. You always have to move and jump to make sure you aren’t besieged by enemies. There’s an almost Super Mario/Metroid-type platforming to the game that gives it a much-needed dynamism outside of the typical shoot ’em up.

Plenty of games exist with tons of mythology and storytelling, with downtime to get to know the characters. But the mythology at play in Doom: Eternal is so unobtrusive as to appear nonexistent. All you really need to worry about is rocking out to the hard-hitting heavy metal soundtrack as you mow down waves upon waves of the gnarliest looking enemies gaming has to offer.

Doom: Eternal is a sequel to the 2016 reboot of a storied video game saga. The original is one of the first FPS’s and helped bring the format to the mainstream. The 2016 entry and this newest one have more than earned their place in the stories franchises history. Enjoy the metal mayhem on your own or enjoy some unique, 2 vs. 1 multiplayer action. You got plenty of time, so why not enjoy it with this thrilling ride into the apocalypse?

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