In This Issue: Aaron Sorkin Q&A

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Aaron Sorkin, creator of a cadre of acclaimed works, including ‘The West Wing,’ ‘The Social Network,’ and recently, ‘Newsroom,’ gets real in this August’s issue of ‘Men’s Journal,’ discussing drugs, bullshit, and his purest motivations. The Oscar-winning writer offers interviewer Sean Woods the low-down on the benefits of keeping clean, in the creative process, and in love. A few of Sorkin’s tips from the magazine Q&A interview:

If he could give his younger self one piece of advice, Sorkin claims it would be to steer clear of the drugs that complicated his earlier years. “I’m 11 years clean now, and I’ve been much more productive in those 11 years than I was in the 11 years prior. But even if I hadn’t been, it wouldn’t have been worth it.”

On the paradox of bullshit, and how to know if someone is full of it: “Here’s the problem: When someone is bullshitting you, they’re usually telling you something you want to hear, so you don’t want it to be bullshit, and so you haven’t turned on your bullshit detector. Which is why, when you can find people who are honest with you, you should stay close to them.”

Regret can walk with the creative man; Sorkin says that handling it is about contextualizing everything, looking at the blessings you have now, and seeing the path that got you there. “There’s a lot of things in my life that I regret, but if I could find a way to draw a line from that thing to my daughter and say, ‘If it hadn’t been for that stupid thing, I never would’ve done this stupid thing, which led me to this good thing, which led me to Roxy.’ Then I feel great. Then I don’t care.”

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