Ishraq Khan’s Kodezi Is Making a Difference in the World of Coding


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You’ve probably come across the phrase, “programming is an art, not a skill.” It’s a demanding activity that requires an amalgamation of numerous skills, innovations, principles, and critical thinking with a problem-solving approach. In addition, being a software developer or programmer means being a regular, critical problem solver capable of new solutions for each piece.

According to Ishraq Khan, mastering the art of coding requires patience. You will require complicated problem-solving along the road, so it will be no walk in the park. Khan has since established Kodezi to help programmers easily understand various coding steps, so any errors in code will be clear to you and open a universe of limitless opportunities.

At 19, Khan is a digital entrepreneur revolutionizing how people perceive the coding game. His company, Kodezi, is a growing start-up that gives programmers and developers access to their own AI-assisted development tool that automatically corrects code, like Grammarly for programmers. With this, Kodezi greatly enhances the ability of programmers and developers to streamline their codebase and cut down on debugging time.

Khan, who was born in Bangladesh and later immigrated to the United States, decided at the age of 8 to follow his passion for coding. With a goal to achieve, Khan swiftly turned his passion for coding into a thriving business, which he started from scratch. The young businessman sought investors who assisted him in raising $800,000, which served as the company’s crucial pre-seed funding. In less than six months, with eight staff and more than 150,000 users, he has turned Kodezi into a thriving brand because of his tenacity, commitment, and unwavering work ethic.

Kodezi supports over 30 programming languages, which is astounding considering how many coding efficiency benefits it offers. The company has also achieved many professional milestones, such as being named in the ASU GSV Elite 200, a component of the ASU GSV Summit. The AI generative start-up is also regarded as a market leader in code debugging, assisting students, programmers, and employees in completing tasks more quickly. Khan has also won numerous industry accolades and recognition, including being the Google Hackathon winner.

According to Khan, the three major challenges he faced were raising venture capital, finding the right employees, and building a machine learning algorithm that automatically debugs code. He overcame all these challenges thanks to his team’s passion, innovation, and dedication to solving a real problem.

“I wasn’t building a product to just build it for fun. I was building it to solve a real problem. I was doing it because there was a problem with code debugging and how time-consuming it was,” Khan elaborates.

In the coming years, Khan wants to scale Kodezi technologically to become a major player in the market. The goal is to help over a million developers and programmers optimize and debug their code. With this, Khan is also optimistic about significantly increasing people’s productivity when coding and debugging. Khan also wants Kodezi to hire more than 50 people from the engineering, project management, and business sides.

“Our mission is to increase productivity and coding, and everyone we’ve hired has a true passion for that, regardless of how young of a company we are,” Khan concludes.

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