John Cena Leads His Own Boy Band in Hilarious New Vodka Commercial

WWE superstar, actor, boy band heartthrob? It seems John Cena has added another line to his resume with a pair of new commercials for SKYY vodka’s “Proudly American” campaign. In the first of the two, he stars alongside two clones of himself in a very Backstreet Boys-esque music video, and if you had strong opinions about his haircut earlier this fall, you’re going to really explode over his look in this video.

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The second commercial is a little more tame, and the thirty-second spot features Cena hanging out at a bar, getting fitted for a sharp new custom suit, and even running a marathon in a tutu (and sipping on a SKYY vodka martini, of course). It’s all aimed at celebrating America’s diversity and the people who make it great. Check it out below:

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Much like his WWE counterpart The Rock, Cena has been branching out in recent years into acting and other work outside of the ring, so these on camera appearances are likely to become more frequent. But even with a demanding production schedule, he still finds time to get ripped and throw down, and he shows no intention of leaving wrestling for good. He recently debuted “The Sixth Move of Doom,” called the Lightning Fist, before a packed house at WWE Live in Shanghai.

Rest assured, he’s not a guy you’d want to pick a fight with.

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