John Krasinski Talks Jumping Off Rooftops and More Crazy ‘Jack Ryan’ Stunts on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Jack Ryan / Amazon Studios
Jack Ryan / Amazon Studios

It’s one thing for an actor to transform their physique for a role—we saw Michael B. Jordan do it for the Creed flicks and James McAvoy for Glass. It’s become de rigueur in the Hollywood set. But for an actor to take stunts into their own hands, well that’s an entirely different story. Such is the case for John Krasinski in Jack Ryan.

Krasinski went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and spoke about some of the wild stuff he had to do on the new season of the action series.

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Kimmel showed off a clip of Krasinski chasing down a bad guy over a rooftop before jumping over an alleyway high above the ground. “What does your mother think about you jumping off roofs and stuff like that?”, Kimmel asked.

“She’s always wanted me to do that,” Krasinski said laughing. “That brought back a lot of memories. That was some scary stuff. We shot that in London—I’m going to London a lot because half my family is over there—but I had never shot there, and I had never almost been killed there. It’s one of those things where [the crew] is like, ‘You know you don’t have to do a lot of it. Just run down this roof.’”

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Krasinski also spoke about the continuing popularity of The Office, turning 40, what it’s like living in Brooklyn, and more. Here’s a look at the full interview:

The second season of Jack Ryan starts streaming on November 1

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