Seal of Approval: ‘John Wick 3’ Star Jason Mantzoukas Shares His Favorite Show, Gear, and More

Jason Mantzoukas Main

The scene-stealing actor, who stars in the new movie John Wick: Chapter 3–Parabellum, discusses the wonders of weighted blankets, his everyday uniform, and the Netflix of puzzles. —As told to J.R. Sullivan

Weighted Blanket
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I’m a deeply anxious person, and after reading all these articles about how weighted blankets reduce anxiety, I was like, Screw it, and bought one. I don’t know if it actually works or if I’m just letting it work, but I find it relaxing on an instinctual level. I’m 100 percent onboard.

Jon glaser loves gear
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I love Jon Glaser Loves Gear. It’s ostensibly a gear-review show, but gear is really just a facade for insane, deeply narrative storytelling. Glaser will be like, Check out this cool backpack! then end up talking about how the item is compromising his marriage. It’s so smart, but also incredibly stupid.

RRL slim fit jean
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Every day, I wear a Gitman Vintage White Oxford and RRL Slim Fit Selvedge jeans. If I’m going to an event, I’ll dress up, sure. But that’s been my everyday uniform for the past eight or nine years. It’s incredibly ordinary, and that’s the point: It removes choices, and it’s classic.

waterford puzzle
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I’ve become obsessed with Waterford puzzles, which are these very difficult wooden jigsaw puzzles handmade by a family in Maine. They’re fairly expensive, but the company has a Netflix-style rental program that’s great

—As told to J.R. Sullivan

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