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There is a lot of free time for people these days. A lot of people are working from home and even more are waiting for work to start up again. So people are able to sit back and listen to music and/or podcasts during their day. There are tons of places out there to get these things. But if you want to get them in the best possible sound quality, you should head on over to Tidal right now. Because if you sign up today, you can get the next four months of Tidal for only $4.

Of all the music streaming apps out there, none can boast the same level of audio quality as Tidal. Because Tidal is aware that something got lost in the transition to digital. Vinyl has come back for a reason and it’s because people may love convenience, but they love high quality as well. And other services don’t even come close to the level of quality you can get on Vinyl or on Tidal.

Delivering audio at such a high level is not easy. But that isn’t the only thing that Tidal brings to the table here. Not only will you get access to tons of music and podcasts, but you can also get high definition videos as well. That’s not it either. You can get also get expertly curated playlists. Playlists crafted by other users and by Tidal’s music editors. Even better, you can get playlists curated by artists themselves.

Access to artists is a big selling point with Tidal as well. You won’t just get these artists curated playlists. But you can get exclusive videos from the artists themselves. Behind the scenes footage of them before a show, getting a really good insight into what it’s like before performing for a large crowd. You can even have conversations with artists too, delivering a really in-depth experience with talent that other programs can’t deliver.


Tidal doesn’t stop there. When you have access to Tidal, you can get early access to tickets to concerts and meet & greets. You can also get access to plenty of behind the scenes content and even get live streams of concerts as well. That way you can get the feeling of being there in person without having to travel across the country to see a live act.

Another great aspect of Tidal is that it learns. The more you use it, Tidal will get a good sense of your tastes. And the more it understands, the better it can deliver content for you. With the My Mix function, you can let Tidal deliver a playlist for you that is sure to be right in your wheelhouse. Every time you turn it on, you can get a vastly different experience with it that is sure to please.

With all of this, you would expect Tidal to be too big for mobile uses. But Tidal is great for the home and for on the go. You can all of these benefits no matter where you are. While you are on the road to work, you can be listening to the purest sound imaginable. You can even listen to your favorite songs offline, as there’s the ability to download content directly to your gadget of choice.

It should come as no surprise that any platform that can deliver all of this is going to cost some money. Nothing too extravagant, but money nonetheless. But if you act before April 5th, you can get the next four months for 90 percent off. That’s just $4 for 4 months. That’s too good a steal. So if you want the best audio content possible with tons of options and the ability to feel closer to your favorite artists of choice, go for Tidal.

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