Watch Keegan-Michael Key Try to Guess If These NFL Players Are Real or Not

You’ve probably seen the “East/West Bowl” sketches Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele did on Key & Peele—if you haven’t, go watch them ASAP. Inspired by their hilarious take on football, we decided to turn the tables. This time, instead of inventing player names, Key would have to decide if the names we threw at him were real or made-up (all of them, it turns out, are real NFL players). Of course, he wouldn’t have any help.

“I didn’t do any research,” he told Men’s Journal in the video. “I didn’t check Google.”

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Key starts out strong, guessing correctly that the first two players (Oshane Ximenes of the New York Giants and Rock Ya-Sin of the Indianapolis Colts) are real. But his first stumble comes with Folorunso Fatukasi—Key didn’t believe he’s a real player, but he’s actually a defensive lineman for the New York Jets.

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From there, Key guesses correctly a few more players—Jake Butt (Denver Broncos) and Lil’Jordan Humphrey (New Orleans Saints)—before getting tripped up again by Jaquiskie Tartt of the San Francisco 49ers. He redeemed himself, though, and his knowledge of Polynesian surnames helped him guess correctly that Sione Takitaki is a real NFL player.

Check out the full video above to see how he fared on the rest of our quiz and check out our Winter Style Report with Key here.

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