Kevin Smith on the Podcast He Can’t Get Enough of and Why He Watched ‘Infinity War’ 86 Times

"Jay and Silent Bob Reboot" Portrait Session
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Kevin Smith, the director and star of the new movie Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, discusses his postpunk heroes, a blockbuster he watches on repeat, and his other recent obsessions. — As told to J.R. Sullivan

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I’ve fallen down a New Order rabbit hole recently. I was in Manchester, England, the band’s hometown, a while back to record some podcasts, which inspired me to revisit their albums. My go-to is 1983’s Power, Corruption & Lies; the box set Movement is great, too.

Commissioned painting of The Bad News Bears from Wonder Bros.
Commissioned painting of The Bad News Bears from Wonder Bros. Image courtesy of Kevin Smith. Courtesy of Kevin Smith


A few months ago, I commissioned a painting of The Bad News Bears, one of my favorite movies, from the Wonder Bros. I wanted a painting of the team photo from the very end of the movie, and the Wonder Bros do these incredible renditions of pop culture things.


I watched Avengers: Infinity War 86 times; my iTunes kept count. It was incredibly satisfying. And Avengers: Endgame was even more so, especially with Tony Stark’s heroic arc coming to an end. I’m sure I’ll watch it even more than I did the last.

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When I started my podcast SModcast in 2007, my co-host and I used The Ricky Gervais Show as a model. Had I discovered podcasts first, I never would have made any films; I love the medium.

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