Kyle Chandler on His Favorite Monster Movies and Why Godzilla Is An Enduring Character

Kyle Chandler is taking on the biggest monster of them all in his new film Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Coming into the film, Chandler already had some experience battling a big creature after appearing in Peter Jackson’s 2005 version of King Kong, and now he’ll get to face off against Godzilla.

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For his June cover story, Chandler took a road trip from Texas to California, and during that time, he sat down with us to speak about his favorite monster films and why Godzilla continues to be one of the most legendary characters in film.

For Chandler’s favorite monster movie, he went old school. While he couldn’t remember the exact name of his favorite movie, Chandler certainly remembers how it felt to watch it as a seven-year-old. “It was at a next-door neighbors house on a reel-to-reel,” Chandler says. “There was a giant spider and it was eating people. It stuck in my mind my whole life.”

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As for Godzilla, Chandler remembers watching those movies while growing up, too. We asked Chanler about why Godzilla has remained such an enduring character in the decades since it debuted. “If you think about it and watch the first film, Godzilla is released a few years after the first atomic bomb goes off,” Chandler says. “If you watch that film you’ll also see Japan how it was at the time. I grew up watching them, it’s [one of] the longest-running franchises of its type. And it’s interesting how it’s changed.”

Now Chandler gets to be part of that change in the latest Godzilla installment, Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The film will be released in theaters on May 31.

Read more about Chandler and his new role in Godzilla, as well as his Hulu series Catch-22, his incredible road trip, memories of Friday Night Lights, and much more in his full profile in the June issue of Men’s Journal.

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