Larry the Cable Guy Won an Arm Wrestling Match By Breaking the Other Guy’s Arm

Larry the Cable Guy (whose real name is Dan Whitney) is known for a few things — such as his Only In America segment on the History Channel and being the loveable, overweight comedian on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. And although his name doesn’t immediately call to mind health and fitness, Whitney has apparently been spending some time in the gym.

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A dedicated Nebraska football fan, Whitney took it upon himself to defend his beloved Huskers with a good ol’ down-home arm wrestling match during last week’s game against Illinois. The man who chose to challenge him, an Army vet named John, certainly didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he took on the soft-bodied comedian.

It was a close competition — until it wasn’t. About 30 seconds into the match, you can hear a grisly popping sound. It’s Larry the Cable Guy snapping John’s humerus bone. Yes, a comedian broke a man’s funny bone during an arm wrestling match.

It’s been reported that John’s injury required surgery, but that he is now well on his way to recovery. The vet posted this photo of his black and blue arm post-match, and it isn’t pretty.

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