Left Coast Extracts Grows Product Line, Experiences Ten Times the Growth in a Year

Let Coast Extracts

When life partners Coltin Barody and Alexandria Kometas founded Left Coast Extracts in 2014, all they wanted was to share the benefits of medical cannabis with more people.

Barody had just left the Navy, following a decorated career that peaked with an assignment with the presidential honor guard in Washington, DC. It wasn’t long until he discovered the benefits of cannabis on his personal health and wellness. So, he partnered with Kometas, who had a lot of background in operations management, and they went into business together.

Eight years later, that business has grown so extensively that no matter where a person may be in California, it’s a guarantee that they could find and purchase Left Coast Extracts’ cannabis products within a fifteen-mile radius.

Apart from making a household name out of their cannabis venture, Barody and Kometas managed to grow their company’s monthly sales ten-fold and are projected to do over $25 million in sales this year.

Barody says the secret to their success and exponential business growth is their ability to pivot almost instantaneously when the situation called for it. The passage of Prop. 64, which legalized adult use of medical marijuana, gave Left Coast Extracts the golden opportunity to grow their product line.

“I wouldn’t say we were forced to transition into recreation since that’s something we’ve been wanting to do anyway,” says Barody of their company’s direction shift. “But we did have to learn a lot of things fast as we followed down that path.”

According to Barody and Kometas, the medical cannabis industry was filled with a lot of like-minded people who were more interested in cooperation than competition. As such, navigating the ultra-competitive sphere of retail markets came as a bit of a culture shock. Fortunately, Kometas comes armed with experience in real estate, another hypercompetitive market.

Her background thus proved crucial to the success of Left Coast Extracts, especially in terms of surviving the competition, complying with the new regulatory environment, and of course, building their brand.

“We put our mind into deciding exactly what our goals were for going retail and recreational,” says Kometas. “We decided we wanted to build a brand, and we, fortunately, found that we were very successful at that.”

Barody and Kometas built their brand around a simple yet powerful belief: that there’s a little bit of Left Coast for everybody.

“We wanted our menu to be able to offer something for everyone,” says Kometas. “That’s why we came up with an extensive menu of concentrates, including badder, diamonds, sauce, crumble, and shatter, just to name a few.”

Barody offers advice to those who find the multitude of options at Left Coast Extracts overwhelming as they are riveting:

“Those who are on the lookout for the best that cannabis has to offer, we have THC diamonds,” he says. “Since we don’t put any diamonds on the market below 95% THC, our diamonds pack a punch as no other product can.”

Despite the company’s rapid growth and the unstoppable expansion of its product line, Barody has not forgotten the main reason why he wanted to start a cannabis business in the first place: to share the medical wonders of the product with as many people as possible.

“So, for patients who need the most economic medication options, we have the Left Coast Extracts shatter,” he says. “It’s affordable, and it all tests at around 85% THC and 90% total cannabinoids.”

With their commitment to providing safe and quality cannabis products across California and Nevada, Left Coast Extracts maintains a healthy balance between being one of the recreational market’s strongest earners and competitors and being a worthy beacon of hope for patrons of the medical cannabis industry.

Barody admits finding this perfect middle ground is not always easy but looking back at how much his company has grown in the last eight years, he says it’s definitely been worth it.

“Alexandria and I, we never put the brakes on anything,” Barody says. “We’re never not expanding, and we’re always working. We literally work 16 hours a day, seven days a week doing work we love in an industry that we love, building a brand that we love. This is literally our life, and there’s never a dull moment in it.”

Indeed, while many business owners would take a breather and rest on their laurels after hitting such incredible milestones, Barody and Kometas have different plans. Still expanding, still growing, and still manufacturing new products, they now look to make Left Coast Extracts a household name in Arizona and Michigan before the year ends.

“I told you—there’s a little bit of Left Coast for everybody,” says Barody.

For now, it remains to be seen what kinds of changes the cannabis industry will see in the future, but one thing’s for sure: Left Coast Extracts will continue to lead the pack in catering to new trends with their ever-diversifying product line and the owners’ penchant for always seeking out the best.

Written in partnership with Luke Lintz

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