Luke Alexander’s Closer Cartel Educates Aspiring Entrepreneurs on the Power of High-Ticket Sales

Luxe Alexander

Written In Partnership With Kathryn Schmid 

Making a name for yourself in business is no easy feat, but that hasn’t seemed to dissuade the younger generations from starting their own ventures; more than 53% of Gen Zers hope to open and operate their own company within the next ten years according to data from FastCompany. Rather than be under the direction of an employer and without free will, more and more working adults across the world are seizing their power into their own hands and aspiring to become their own bosses.

Despite this massive cultural push toward entrepreneurship, the odds are not in the favor of new business owners, as 21.5 percent of new small businesses fail within their very first year on the market. The odds only get grimmer for start-ups as time unfolds, clearly demonstrating that drive and ambition aren’t all it takes to lead a company to lasting success.

As such, many of these entrepreneurial hopefuls have turned online to seek advice and counsel on how to make the most of their potential. But in the over-saturated age of the internet, social media has been littered with purported “mentors” that care more about exploiting aspirants for their money than actually educating them on what it takes to succeed.

Enter Closer Cartel, entrepreneur Luke Alexander’s answer to the entrepreneurial conundrum. Alexander’s platform, which operates as the antithesis to Instagram’s shady mentors, provides high-quality education to individuals around the country who would like to establish themselves in the high-ticket sales industry, the sector of Alexander’s expertise.

At just 22 years old, Alexander has already acquired plenty of experience in the world of business; inspired to provide for his family after a difficult childhood upbringing and absentee father, Alexander started his first business in college at the age of 18. Though the company – a lead generation agency for real estate brokerages – didn’t ultimately pan out as planned, Alexander learned plenty of lessons along the way to help fine-tune his business acumen for the next project.

Alexander then turned his attention to high-ticket sales, attending a webinar that launched the entrepreneur into the career he remains devoted to today. Rapid success and a six-figure first year prompted Alexander to drop out of university and pursue the profession full time, culminating in a move to Miami and more than $30,000 in income per month.

Now, Alexander shares the wisdom learned throughout his successful high-ticket sales career with aspirants looking to enter the space through Closer Cartel, acting as a voice of reason and role model of sorts to his thousands of students located across the nation. Alexander’s impact has been particularly prescient as he speaks to his students on a peer-to-peer basis, empathetic understanding of his fellow Gen Z’ers ambitions and nurturing them toward achieving long-term success.

After successfully guiding multiple clients to pulling in more than $30,000 a month, Alexander has big plans in store for Closer Cartel, intent on the platform’s present-day success to only be at the start of Closer Cartel’s anticipated expansion.

For more on Closer Cartel, visit the educational platform’s website for further information.

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