Man in T. Rex Suit Makes the Greatest ‘Ninja Warrior’ Run Ever

T. Rex storms the Atlanta course

This T. Rex makes it farther than you’d ever imagine on the NBC American Ninja Warrior Atlanta course.

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Monday, June 13, 2016

Last winter, a video of an American Ninja Warrior competitor training in an inflatable T. Rex costume went viral. The athlete, Reko Rivera, battled through obstacles despite tiny arms and a cartoonish bobbling head to the amusement of a million YouTube viewers. American Ninja Warrior took notice, and the show invited Rivera and his dino suit to take on the qualifying course in Atlanta for its latest season.

Rivera impressively navigates the first three obstacles, but the T. Rex's short reach ultimately dooms the crowd favorite, as he can't grab the final ring on the Spin Cycle. Though the commentary doesn't get much better than, "It wasn't a meteor that ended the dinosaurs, it was the Spin Cycle," the slapstick and absurd athleticism of Rivera flinging himself over the course with abandon makes this one of the most entertaining and inspirational Ninja Warrior runs we've seen.