Marian Esanu’s Tips For Creating Unique Reels, Q&A Sessions and Engaging Content

Marian Esanu

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Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have immensely contributed to the success and failure of several brands across the world. The only reason why some brands fail and some see a hike in their followers is because of their high-quality content. Marian Esanu is a renowned podcaster of the famous show “Momentum” where he has hosted several popular names like Brad Lea, Grant Cardone, and Pat Flynn among many others. With his personal experience of establishing and running an 8-figure business from scratch, he is inspiring and teaching entrepreneurs around the world to create successful personal brands.

Marian Esanu is the author of a well-received book, “Brand Up: The Ultimate Playbook For Building A 7-Figure Personal Or Business Brand From Scratch”. He penned down the experience of his life in the pages of this book to help entrepreneurs in creating highly profitable brands. Marian faced several challenges during his initial stages of becoming a businessman. The facts that he learned during these stages along with the ways to avoid them are mentioned in his book.

One of the most important tips, according to Marian is “identifying the biggest influencers in your domain.” Marian said, “the internet is already flooded with content for almost every type of industry. Entrepreneurs, while maintaining their personal brand, need not reinvent the wheel. They must just follow the viral pieces posted by the influencers and recreate them with some modifications. This modification will help brands in establishing their authenticity without having to worry about creating original content.”

Marian goes on to tell entrepreneurs, “You are unique. This is why you should use your own voice and style. This originality will make people like your brand more.”

Aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to establish a successful personal brand are following Marian Esanu on YouTube and Instagram. He regularly posts free tips on those pages to help as many people as he can.

Marian Esanu

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