Go Behind the Wild McDonald’s Monopoly Game Scam in the Mark Wahlberg-Produced ‘McMillions’ Documentary

McMillions; a 24-hour McDonald's in Thailand
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The story is almost too wild to believe: Over the span of a decade, an ex-cop rigged the ultra-popular McDonald’s Monopoly game promotion, stealing millions of dollars to enrich himself and a bunch of co-conspirators around the country. Now, you can go deep into the story with McMillions, a Mark Wahlbergproduced documentary series from HBO.

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The new six-episode series will air starting on Feb. 3rd and go deep into the fraud through interviews with some of the FBI agents, McDonald’s corporate executives, lawyers, perpetrators, and prizewinners who were involved in the scam. The show even features footage from the FBI sting operation that brought the whole scheme down. McMillions is directed by James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte, and Wahlberg is producing the show through his Unrealistic Ideas banner, which was launched to create non-scripted series.

The annual McDonald’s Monopoly promotion had been one of the most popular and successful promotions created by the company. Little did they know, a scam was going on behind the scenes for over a decade, with over $24 million being stolen and sold to people who had never actually won money in the contest.

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This won’t be the last time you see the behind-the-scenes drama of McDonald’s Monopoly. Ben Affleck is currently working on a film adaptation of the Daily Beast article that originally covered the story, with Matt Damon in the lead.

The story is almost too wild to believe—but in this case, the truth is stranger than fiction. Check out the full trailer for the HBO documentary here:

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