Maryland Addiction Recovery Center Epitomizes Leadership and Community Values

MD Recovery Center

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Maryland Addiction Recovery Center is an incredible blessing in the lives of many individuals affected by the challenges of facing addiction. Their mission to be a community-based healthcare organization that offers the highest quality in direct clinical services is being successfully executed every day. Maryland Addiction Recovery Center (MARC) also aids those suffering from addiction and dual diagnosis issues nationwide by providing clinically appropriate resources and referrals, community support, and educational and preventative platforms to further the understanding that addiction is a public health issue. MARC’s belief is that it is imperative that the stigma of addiction and mental health must be broken, and that recovery is possible, is communicated through all of their actions.

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center has National Quality Approval by The Joint Commission, an independent, not-for-profit organization. The Joint Commission accreditation and certification is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards.

The community living setting, staffed 24/7 with MARC Therapeutic Assistants, offers a structured level of care where patients can learn important life skills outside of the clinical environment. Examples of these skills include introduction and engagement in the 12 Step community through meetings, fellowship and sponsorship, nutrition and cooking education, respectable hygiene, budgeting, and community participation in keeping a well maintained and organized community home.  Recovery-oriented events and team building activities such as music festivals, 5K races, movies, laser tag, nature explorations, rock climbing, volleyball, and dodgeball tournaments are key for fostering an uplifting recovery experience. An amazing team of professionals understands what it takes to elevate someone’s life out of the fog of addiction.

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center believes that every person suffering from dual diagnosis and substance use disorder is in need of a truly holistic approach to recovery from addiction. Their total wellness approach embraces a better quality of life through fitness and nutrition. To that end, Maryland Addiction Recovery Center has incorporated, for those patients in the extended care Community Living Treatment (CLT) program, a unique fitness and nutrition program through a partnership with local health and wellness company Legacy Wellness Partners (formerly B-Strong Athletics LLC) to offer fitness and nutrition training and support. B-Strong Athletics’ fitness professionals work with patients both one-on-one and in group settings. Since the patients at MARC shop for themselves and exercise on their own, Legacy Wellness Partners trainers and staff can provide grocery lists, meal planning, and workouts tailored to their goals and body types.

At Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, they believe in a phased model of treatment: clients move through the phases of treatment based on their own progress and engagement in the treatment process. It is a well-established treatment paradigm that a patient suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, or substance use disorder is given the best chance of a successful recovery if they are gradually moved through levels of treatment under the care of a team of treatment professionals while appropriately being integrated back into their daily lives. After completing all levels of care, clients are encouraged to continue working with their primary therapist on an individually tailored basis to promote successful long-term growth in recovery.

The morning intensive outpatient program (IOP) initially meets for an intensive five days a week, and the evening IOP program is perfect for working professionals that need addiction treatment services after the typical workday, meeting three nights a week from 6:00pm – 9:00pm. For those patients suffering from opioid use disorder issues, MARC incorporates evidence-based Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) services through the oversight of their medical department.

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center recognizes how crucial it is to engage family members and significant others in the recovery process: when one person experiences addiction, the entire family is affected. At MARC, they prioritize cooperation and facilitating a supportive community that is welcoming, inclusive, and non-judgmental by design. They participate with numerous insurances as an out-of-network provider.

They founded The Maryland Healing Network, a group of professionals who are committed to helping others in the community by participating in a monthly gathering. It is a wonderful network of clinicians, healers and those supporting mental health and addiction recovery congregate to share expertise and cultivate deepened connections to optimize their capacity to succeed in their collective goals most innovatively.

Recently, the founders of Maryland Addiction Recovery Center recognized the vital importance of decreasing barriers of care to those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, as well as the lack of stand-alone detox options in the Mid-Atlantic area. Therefore, over two years ago they created a separate organization, Innovo Detox located in Pennsylvania, to offer short-term, stand-alone detox, withdrawal management, and medical stabilization services. Individuals come to Innovo Detox for a 7-to-10-day stay, receive 24/7 medical and clinical support to safely and comfortably stop using drugs and alcohol, and then are referred to the next appropriate clinical level of care to continue their addiction treatment and recovery journey. This allows more people to access care and find sustainable recovery.

Visit the Maryland Addiction Recovery Center website to see Amazing Virtual Tours of all the buildings and a gallery full of pictures! They also have videos that offer an in-depth look at MARC by their leadership and directors, including clinical philosophy, their departments, and expertise in the treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders.

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