Meet Coach Cody Jefferson, the Life and Business Coach Impacting Others 

Cody Jefferson

Written in partnership with Ascend Agency

Life coaches can be a source of inspiration and motivation to continue battling everyday life challenges. They speak words of encouragement and help others tap into their hidden potentials. Some of the most successful persons often speak positively about how life and business coaches have impacted their journey to the top.

Coach Cody Jefferson is a renowned public speaker and life and business coach with a near two decades of experience in the field. He is also a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Embrace The Lion, a top-ranked coaching program for kingdom-minded entrepreneurs looking to live their legacy in life and business. Cody coaches and advises CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs to scale their businesses, grow their impact and influence, and establish a robust professional and personal life balance that will significantly boost the bottom line.

An industry leader, Cody is also on the advisory board for two private equity firms, where he offers top-level services for the running of the companies. He has been featured on over 200 podcasts. He often travels the country as a keynote speaker on personal empowerment, spiritual fulfillment, overcoming adversity, and building business with an exit in mind. Cody also has clients all over the world and attends to them through Zoom, which works beautifully. This has been an essential tool, especially during the COVID pandemic with highly restricted travel.

Cody has been able to stand out in the industry in that he has a way of walking with individuals that allow for unmatched empathy coupled with firm accountability. To him, there is a deep faith element to working together, as he was a pastor for 13 years, but without the fluff and theatrics of mainstream religion. He has since established a 4-pillar approach: head, heart, health, and habits that touch on how you treat your thoughts and feelings, your relationships, your body, and your time, respectively. This has been an impactful approach that has helped shape the lives of thousands across the world.

Cody identifies himself as a classic overachiever, an attribute that he terms as his most significant challenge. It has been part of his life for the longest time, leading to an addiction to affirmation and being a “yes” man. Cody adds that the biggest obstacles humans have to overcome are those you create in your mind. According to him, cultivating a co-dependency contingent on the confirmation of your community can lead to losing yourself in the fight to consistently prove your self-worth.

It was a tough challenge for him, but he was fortunate enough to overcome and be himself. Cody is now well-known for his leadership and methodology of eliminating co-dependency and cultivating autonomy to create fulfillment, focus, and freedom.

Cody now shares his plans to grow an online community where his frameworks and teachings are accessible. He believes it’s the best way to expand his reach and impact more lives across the world. Cody also wants to continue diversifying into various verticals to create true generational wealth for his family and give generously and live life to the fullest.

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