Meet Justen Alias, Top Celebrity and Athlete Realtor and Advisor

Justen Alias

Written in partnership with S99

The luxury real estate industry is a thriving but competitive sector. It is a dynamic market with new trends and changes largely fueled by changing consumer preferences. Justen Alias, a renowned realtor, has been in the game for years and is taking over the market with his exceptional products and services.

Justen Alias is a renowned go-to celebrity realtor and advisor. He is the founder of Nexus, a nationwide sport and entertainment real estate and relocation network. With Nexus, Justen provides real estate and relocation for athletes, entertainers, executives, and high-net-worth individuals. An industry leader, he has successfully managed to grow Nexus to a top network comprising realtors, insurance advisors, current athletes, retired athletes, moving companies, and concierge services.

Justen established Nexus after years of market study and analysis. His objective was to create an authentic brand that helps athletes make sound investments while maintaining their busy schedules.

“I understand the busy lifestyle of athletes and entertainers and work closely with sports agents, managers, athletes, YouTubers, actors, and musicians,” Justen says.

A man on a mission, Justen designed a unique approach and strategy, making him the best luxury real estate agent. He has since worked with an array of NBA players and YouTubers, including Caylus Cunningham, one of the most famous content creators. “Helping Caylus was a great accomplishment as he was a first-time home buyer, and I assisted with him finding his dream home,” Justen says.

Justen has now grown Nexus to be featured in RealTrends publications, including Ocean Drive Magazine and Yahoo Sports. Justen also established a rich real estate network, including joining one of the premier luxury brokers, Compass, in Miami.

With years of real estate experience, Justen wants other realtors to understand the importance of providing value to clients. Today’s clients have access to a pool of real estate agents offering the same service, but the extra value you provide will give you an edge over the competition. However, creating a successful brand and standing out in luxury real estate was challenging for Justen. He had to innovate continually while thinking outside the box to create his niche in sports and entertainment. More importantly, Justen understood the need to provide value to his clients, a significant catalyst to his success.

Justen also wants young realtors to understand the value of networking in real estate. To him, networking and value addition are the keys to attracting your dream clients. It can be challenging in the early days, but what’s important is to start from where you are. Invest your time in understanding more about the industry, including relevant players you can link with. Justen believes in being authentic and creating a brand that resonates with your target clients. Also, tailor your products and services to offer essential elements of value that will address each client’s needs.

Rated among the fastest-growing markets, Justen wants to be seen as the premier luxury realtor in Miami. He also wants to expand Nexus to be the premier relocation service for professional athletes and celebrities. He aims to work with other prominent athletes and celebrities and help them purchase their dream homes.



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