Everything You Need to Know About Michael B. Jordan’s New Tom Clancy Movie ‘Without Remorse’

Without Remorse / Paramount
Without Remorse / Paramount

Michael B. Jordan just found himself another franchise. The Creed II and Black Panther star has been locked in to play the Tom Clancy character John Clark for a new film series, according to Variety. Clark, along with Jack Ryan, is one of Clancy’s most well-known characters from his series of bestselling novels.

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Paramount Pictures is putting together the new franchise, and two films are expected to be developed as part of the series, according to the report. The two books that are being adapted include “Rainbow Six” and “Without Remorse,” both of which center on Clark. The first film being developed is Without Remorse, which will give the origin story of Jordan’s character.

Recently, Amazon debuted the first season of Jack Ryan, with Office actor John Krasinski taking on the role of the iconic character. The show has already been picked up for a second season and has received positive reviews.

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The character of John Clark, a former Navy SEAL who became an operations officer for the CIA, has been on the big screen before. Willem Dafoe in starred as the character in Clear and Present Danger alongside Harrison Ford’s Jack Ryan, while Liev Schreiber played Clark in The Sum of All Fears, which had Ben Affleck in the lead role of Ryan. While nothing about a potential crossover between Krasinski’s Ryan and Jordan’s Clark has been reported, the characters have interacted in many of Clancy’s books over the years.

The news about the Tom Clancy series marks another big development for Jordan. The actor already starred in one of the biggest movies ever, Black Panther, and he released Creed II later that same year. Jordan now is getting Oscar buzz for his film Just Mercy, coming out December 2019.

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Here’s the first teaser for the film:


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Here’s Everything To Know So Far About Without Remorse:

  • The Plot:  The story will follow Jordan’s John Clark as he seeks revenge following his wife’s murder, only to find himself inside a larger conspiracy happening around him, according to The Hollywood Reporter‘s news on Brett Gelman joining. There are many stories within the Tom Clancy books that include Clark, and the titular one, Without Remorse, involves Clark’s backstory on how he came to be a Navy SEAL and work for the CIA. This could be what starts off the franchise in the first movie.
  • The Director: The film has a badass director attached in Stefano Sollima, who helmed Sicario: Day of the Soldado with Josh Brolin.
  • The Writer: Like the director, the film is staying within the Sicario sandbox, as Taylor Sheridan, the writer of both Sicario films and the co-creator/writer/director of the badass Western TV series  Yellowstone with Kevin Costner, has worked on the script for the film.
  • The Release Date: The film will open on Sept. 18, 2020 in theaters.
  • The Cast: Along with Jordan as Clark, the movie is starting to expand the cast:
    • Jordan’s Fantastic 4 co-star Jaime Bell has signed on to the film to play Robert Ritter, the deputy director of operations at the CIA, according to Variety. The character also appears in numerous Clancy stories, including the well-known Clear and Present Danger, which was made into a movie with Harrison Ford.
    • Queen and Slim star Jodie Turner-Smith has also joined the film, and she’s set to play Karen Greer, daughter of Clancy character James Greer, according to Variety. James Greer, who is played by Wendell Pierce on the Amazon Prime series Jack Ryan, could potentially have a role in the film as well, although there’s no crossover expected between the Amazon series and this film.
  • One of The Villains:  Stranger Things star Brett Gelman has joined the film and will play one of the villains facing off against Jordan’s John Clark, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
  • The Producers:  The team of Akiva Goldsman, Jordan himself, Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec will produce.

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