Michael DeRosa: A Candid Conversation with the Real Estate Mogul

Michael DeRosa

Everybody likes to buy a story. But the fabric within the story attracts the buyer because home buying and selling is an emotional process.

Real estate agent, broker, and deal maker, Michael DeRosa’s job is to tell the story and leverage the emotional component to make a deal.

He is best known for his out of the box marketing approach, complex deal-making, and helping propel the emotional aspect of home buying. Today, DeRosa is blazing a new trail in the real estate industry and leaving no stone unturned.

Michael has represented clients of distinction and notoriety, as well as broken through ceilings of traditional ways of marketing a property, to fine-tune a real estate model that many industry experts are currently watching.

Now Michael shares two key success secrets and the components of being a deal maker.

“You have to tell a story. Given the fabric of each home, being so uniquely different, I find a way to market the story and leverage emotional impact. This approach creates a signature stamp on the property that attracts the best possible buyer. The process requires me to become one with the property and to look for the raw diamond to be polished into a gem that another will cover. And to prepare the home for the market so that it shines bright with brilliance.”

Innovative marketing – “No idea is off the table. In the idea creation, a marketing approach utilizes referrals, social media, and a client book of business that reaches everywhere.”

But Michael had to define his mark in the industry, and he used an innovative approach to set himself apart.

One example is the strategic and creative marketing approach to selling New York’s Seymour Mansion, which generated more than 204 offers from worldwide buyers. It even gamed the attention from Netflix Star Christine McConnell. She flew from California to New York to meet Michael and his partner Kelli Ide to personally submit her proposal to renovate and restore the Seymour Mansion.

“Most other real estate agents saw this property needing work. Instead, I saw the raw diamond, waiting to be restored to its’ original brilliance.”

Additional properties that DeRosa represents are lifestyle homes, estates, exotic real estate, and brownstones. And property owners who are disenchanted with traditional real estate marketing and looking for creative out of the box solutions. That is where I step in to offer a unique approach.

Working with Properties

“My firm focuses on historic real estate, luxury lifestyle properties, lakefront properties, private islands, and one-of-a-kind properties that are in the league of their own,” Michael DeRosa says.

“I approach each new listing with three qualities that I pride myself on: Ambition, Creativity, and Expertise.”

“My creative mindset and eye for detail also differentiate me.”

“There is an art in preparing a luxury home or property of distinction for the market. Refinement is in the details. Therefore, I look inside the camera’s lens when we are filming a house or conducting a photo shoot to how the viewer would see the picture. And I attune each shot like a piece of art,” shares DeRosa.

“I have been told that pictures speak a thousand words, and my role is to ensure the property’s pictures tell a captivating story. Many of the properties of distinction have untold stories due to historical significance or certain property features, and that is what I can do, extract the story and create emotional impact around the story.”

A success story is the Mackenzie Child’s property based in Central New York, which attracted international attention and produced hundreds of competitive offers given its notoriety. A worldwide auction was held for the property, and one unique component was that prospective buyers had to submit a proposal of how they would utilize the beloved property. This is a case example of the emotional impact of buying and selling properties. After reviewing hundreds of proposals, the decision was made to select the buyer who intended to maintain the integrity of the property.

Marketing and Real Estate

Each distinctive property is unique in its own right. Therefore, there is no cookie-cutter approach. DeRosa tells us, “I like to think of fine wine, or the art of viewing a masterpiece, you sip a wine, to taste the flavor and the interpretation of the piece of art is in the eye of the beholder. My role as the real estate agent, broker, and deal maker is to spend time upfront to position the property for the best viewing and most robust taste that a prospective buyer can experience.”

Michael DeRosa saw an opportunity to put his creativity to the test and started his brokerage firm. “What I saw other real estate agents doing wrong was presenting properties of distinction as if they were properties that trade on the market daily and were always going to become readily available. Instead, I become one with the fabric of the property and figure out how to make the property showcase its magnificence. Then attract a buyer or multiple buyers that can witness the beauty within the masterpiece’s canvas.”

“My value is in my creativity, which makes me incomparable.”

“A creative mindset propels me to success. Also, being a deal maker, especially for complex deals, multiple offers on a property, and navigating through land miles of obstacles to close a deal is what I do best. I sleep well at night when I know a deal will benefit the homeowner, and they find satisfaction in knowing that the buyer will love and care for their home as much as possible. The art of deal-making and generating prosperity drives me towards happiness.”

Michael DeRosa sees his creativity and marketing savvy as one of his significant assets. Always keen to look for the marketing angle, DeRosa is known to organize lavish contests and unique property showings and works the angles for maximum media coverage.

What Michael DeRosa offers is something completely different. He manages to attract most of his sellers through referrals. His unique talents get around, people see his work, and they know what kind of real estate he is working with from his website and Instagram page. When it comes to attracting buyers, he runs the gamut of targeting and marketing techniques to ensure his properties get in front of the right sets of eyes.

Still, Michael DeRosa is well aware that he is managed to build a reputation with a gravitational pull of its own. “If you’re looking for something truly out of the ordinary, one of a kind that no one else owns,” he says, “you go to me.”

What Sells Real Estate

Passion and creativity. It’s being innovative with your marketing approach to thinking creatively, and then executing a strategy that offers a unique approach with proven results.”

Also, another key is matchmaking in the creative approach, where the homeowner finds the property of their dreams, and the client who engaged our services leaves feeling so elated about their home sale that everyone wins. This is part of the emotional impact of home selling.

Michael says that his work boils down to two things: emotions and stories. “People ask me, Michael, how are you getting people to pay all this money for these properties when the comps don’t justify it,” he explains. “People are paying for emotional satisfaction.”

“The buyer is buying an opportunity, and it is irrelevant what other properties are sold for because they see and feel the value in what I am offering. Because happiness is more than a price tag. And they know the buyer that will end up with the property is the one that’s willing to offer the best terms to the seller.”

“Stories play a significant role in stirring those emotions. Historic properties have certain history and characteristics that make people fall in love with them. If the property is not historical, then the way the real estate sells can be a story because every house has a story to tell.”

“They are buying an experience. They buy a castle because they like how it feels to be living in one. So, I am creating and selling an emotional feeling. I am also helping tell the property history in story form.”

Real estate is a massive industry in the United States, even more than anywhere else. Michael DeRosa has carved his name into it by going against the norm.


Written in partnership with Luke Lintz

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