MJ5: Michael Strahan on His Favorite Gear, Breakfast, and No-Hangover Cocktail

Michael Strahan is the epitome of a household name. Among his many other projects, the October Men’s Journal cover star co-hosts Good Morning America and GMA3: Strahan, Sara, & Keke, which puts him in front of an audience of millions of people on TVs across the country. But during our cover shoot, we wanted to get to know Strahan off-camera—so we got his take on the MJ5.

First, his favorite piece of gear is a good watch, but not just any old quartz-powered ticker will do. He’s all about the classics, and favors old-school mechanical timepieces.

“I appreciate the mechanical movements of watches,” he told Men’s Journal.

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As for traveling, Strahan isn’t too picky—as long as he’s heading somewhere in Europe. Croatia and London are particular favorites, and he also has a soft spot for Germany, where he grew up.

At the bar, he goes for a tried-and-true classic cocktail: tequila on the rocks with lime. He likes its simplicity, but part of the appeal is how he feels the next day after drinking one (or a couple).

“You don’t wake up with a hangover,” he said.

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Some stars love to cook; others, not so much. Strahan falls somewhere in the middle. He likes to cook breakfast (which seems fitting for a co-host of GMA), and like his favorite cocktail, he opts for the classics. He fills his plate with scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast.

“That’s it,” he said. “Lunch, dinner, I’m ordering out.”

This last one is the real kicker: Strahan, a 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, doesn’t have a favorite workout, because he hates working out. Even so, he still hits the gym nearly every day.

Check out the full Q&A in the video above, and don’t miss our profile on Strahan in the October issue of Men’s Journal, on newsstands now.

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