Mission McCarthy: One Million Brands or Bust

Joe McCarthy

Written in partnership with: Toby Dehart

For Joe Edward McCarthy, the road from selling eggs on a sustainable chicken farm in Virginia to a seven-figure entrepreneurship was one made possible by the power of social media. An unlikely candidate for a marketing maven, McCarthy’s creativity on platforms like Facebook and Instagram allowed him to quickly amass a following that far transcended his local farming community and elevated him to social media expert status.

As the founder and CEO of JEM Social, partnered with Grow With Us Agency, McCarthy has helped scale over four thousand social media pages to date. While the rest of us may consider that a noteworthy achievement, for Joe Edward McCarthy, it’s only the beginning.

“I do feel almost called to help other people and almost inspire other people to show them that building a huge personal brand, it’s going to help you in a ton of different ways, whether that’s making a bigger impact with just the content, making a bigger impact with selling their products, or building their own personal brands and just helping them make more money,” he says.

It should come as no surprise that McCarthy’s ambitions are lofty. His earliest efforts at marketing his family business began at the age of five, and by the age of sixteen McCarthy had devoured every book on entrepreneurship he could get his hands on. Today, he aims to share everything he’s learned with young content creators who aspire for a brand of their own.

“My goal is to help a million people solidify their brand, start posting more content, get their message out to the world, and get more confident by putting themselves in front of the camera,” McCarthy says. “If I can help a million people also grow businesses, make more money, that’s just a byproduct.”

For the fledgling content creator or entrepreneur, starting out in the vast and sprawling world of social media and marketing can be overwhelming, to say the least. With a number of platforms to pick from and seemingly endless competition, that initial start is the hardest part for so many creators. McCarthy believes that with a deliberate strategy, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. His first piece of advice? Be clear minded.

“I think number one is just making sure your mindset is right. I feel like people are too focused on what other people think of them, they get bogged down on, ‘What if they don’t like my stuff? What if it flops? What if it doesn’t blow up?’”

Getting wrapped up in worrying about what others think is easy considering the nature of social media. However, for someone who has built an empire on social media platforms, McCarthy remains unfazed. In fact, he cites authenticity as one of the cornerstones of any personal brand.

“I think you end up getting more engagement, more reach, by being yourself and actually posting what you want, instead of caring what other people think.”

McCarthy also recognizes that many people may feel discouraged by the cost of entry when it comes to creating social media content. It’s impossible to open Instagram without observing the high-quality cameras and audio equipment that many creators use to film their content. McCarthy, on the other hand, rejects the idea of spending so much money on gear entirely.

“I’ve never used a fancy camera, I’ve never really used thousands of dollars of equipment. That’s the funny thing, it’s a lot of people’s excuse for not getting started.”

As far as McCarthy stands, all anyone needs to start creating content and forging a personal brand is a phone with a camera, the drive, and consistency. And for those who check all three of those boxes, McCarthy is ready, willing, and able to help foster success.

“My favorite people to help in business would probably be people who have services, people who have things to offer, because there could be hundreds of people out there that have really good services, they have good products, good knowledge, but they just don’t know how to get it out to more people.”

Joe McCarthy

If there’s one undeniable fact, it’s that Joe Edward McCarthy loves what he does. Where other entrepreneurs quantify their success by the dollars in their bank accounts, McCarthy measures his own by the people he is able to help, and the services he’s able to provide.

“Whether you’re a coach who has a service that can transform your body, transform your mindset, or just help you make more money, I want to help you catch more clients so that you can in turn help other people,” says McCarthy.

“With Instagram, it’s a really hard game to crack down on, especially with organic reach. So, if I can help people who can also help others, that’s my overall goal.”

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