Morgan Spurlock Reveals His Most Terrifying Documentary Yet

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Experiential filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has never been one to be scared away by a tough subject. He risked his bodily health exploring the dangers of fast food in Super Size Me, and he trekked across the Middle East for four months looking for terrorist leaders in Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden? 

But neither of those projects are nearly as terrifying as his latest project, Rats, which investigates rampant rodent infestations around the world and the extreme lengths by which they are being dealt. Over the course of production, Spurlock found himself more and more unnerved by the animal, and ultimately decided to turn the footage into more of a genre-bending effort. "This is a horror movie just as much as it is a documentary," he says.

Below, Spurlock and his writing partner Jeremy Chilnick of Warrior Poets talk to us about how they came to fear and respect the mighty rat. 

Rats premieres on Discovery and in select theaters October 22.

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock talks to us about his new documentar…

We're here with acclaimed filmmaker and human guinea pig Morgan Spurlock and his writing partner Jeremy Chilnick of Warrior Poets, discussing his new doc "Rats" on Discovery and everything else under the sun.

Posted by Men's Journal on Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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