Multi-Millionaire Influencer AJ Dewberry Owns Atlanta’s Top Black-Owned Phone Company

AJ Dewberry
AJ Dewberry

Technology, now more than ever, continues to impact every sect, social media inclusive. From creating better content to reaching most target audiences, businesses and influencers rely heavily on advanced technologies to grow their presence on social media.

AJ Dewberry, a technician and an accomplished entrepreneur, is helping celebs across Atlanta expand their social media reach with technology. AJ Dewberry is a multi-millionaire owning and managing many businesses, including mobile repair shops, music labels, events, and nonprofits. He is also a social media influencer guiding people in their entrepreneurial journey.

AJ Dewberry was in college when he started working to pay his bills. He mostly supervised at UPS because he was great at managing people and business. During that time, he visited Los Angeles for a while and during this period, he discovered his passion for entrepreneurship. This experience spurred him to quit his job to focus entirely on starting a successful business. As a technology and gadget lover, Dewberry was convinced that his business was meant to be about this field of interest.

While Dewberry’s family expected him to opt for a corporate 9-5 position after graduation, Dewberry used a major portion of the refunded check from his college to invest in his business. Then, he bought the needed equipment for his mobile repairing business. Being an individual with a versatile personality, Dewberry designed a schedule that he went by for several months, dedicating four hours to learning how to repair iPhones, two hours to marketing and structuring of business and some hours to create value-added service for his business to stand out in the market.

In April 2015, Dewberry started his mobile repairing business while still in college. He could not afford a store, but undeterred by this challenge, Dewberry traveled across the Atlanta metro and repaired iPhones. Within a few months, Dewberry’s business exploded, and he launched his first storefront in Griffin. His clientele started climbing to include some of the celebrities in Atlanta. This helped Dewberry to make valuable connections to scale up his business further. Today, Dewberry has three successful brick-and-mortar stores across Atlanta with a strong internet presence as well.

As a way to give back to the community, Dewberry fed the needy in 2016, an initiative that since became a nonprofit origination. In 2017, Dewberry and his family prepared meals at Woodruff Park Downtown Atlanta on Thanksgiving, feeding over 500 people. The following year, he sponsored a Scholarship of Excellence to two schools in Griffin. To date, Dewberry has organized over 8 nonprofit events and inspired 10 organizers to follow in his footsteps.

Dewberry decided it was best to spread his tentacles by extending his entrepreneurial skills to tech only. So, he eventually founded a music record label along with his cousin, a rapper. In 2022, his music label will release its first record. Being resourceful, Dewberry looked for ways to avail himself of social media to project his business. Taking advantage of social media, Dewberry posted a vending machine video, which went viral and helped him scale up his followers. Following the success of this video, Dewberry published a book titled “How I Made $7K from One Vending Machine” to help people create a stable source of income from vending machines.

AJ Dewberry now works on his next book, hoping to offer guidance and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs. Dewberry wants to be a role model to others, helping them discover amazing ways to make money and take action on their interest.

Written in partnership with Amir Bakian

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