Manny Jacinto on Hip-hop Lullabies, Anxiety Anecdotes, and His Favorite Scandinavian Spa

Manny Jacinto at Unforgettable Gala
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One of the many reasons that it’s a damn shame NBC’s The Good Place will soon end its run is that Manny Jacinto will no longer be playing Jason Mendoza, an air-headed failed DJ who was easily, at least in my mind, the show’s greatest characters. With the series now in its final season, Men’s Journal caught up with Jacinto to discusses his anxiety anecdote, love of mellow hip-hop, a Scandinavian spa, and his other recent obsessions. —J.R. Sullivan

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Next time I travel home to Vancouver, I’m going to the Scandinave Spa at Whistler. It’s only a two-hour drive from Vancouver, and it has all sorts of Nordic steam baths and saunas. You can spend a whole day there relaxing and getting away from everything.

Gallant's album "Ology"
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I was in a hip-hop dance crew when I was young, and I still listen to a lot of that kind of music. Right now, I’m into what I like to call grown-man lullabies, like Gallant’s album, Ology. Frank Ocean is in a similar vein, but Gallant is my go-to. He’s mellow.

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I recently bought a Katz Convertible Sport Duffel Bag by Uri Minkoff for the gym, but I’ve been taking it everywhere, even on set and when I travel. It’s basically a duffel that can turn into a backpack. It’s minimalist and completely black.

'The Wisdom of Insecurity' by Alan Watts
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The Wisdom of Insecurity, by Alan Watts, helped me deal with the anxiety I had when I first got booked for The Good Place. I tend to look ahead in my career, instead of living in the present.

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