Net Kohen Is Making Life Easier for Social Media Users with the Innovative LinkMe App

Net Kohen

Written in partnership with Ascend Agency

The success of a technology is determined by its usability and the problem it solves. This is why many technical innovations have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. The LinkMe app is one such tech innovation already making life easier for social media users in over 180 countries. LinkMe was co-founded by tech enthusiast and entrepreneur, Net Kohen. The Miami-based 22-year-old CEO and co-founder of LinkMe noticed the issue of social media networking as users struggled to manage their profiles on multiple social media platforms. This is where LinkMe is closing the gap as an all-in-one platform to connect and operate all social media accounts.

The rise of social media changed the way of life for people and brands alike. With several social media platforms, each serving a different purpose, users or brands find it challenging to simultaneously keep track of updates and stay connected to all social media accounts. LinkMe is a comprehensive platform allowing users to connect multiple social media accounts and manage them from a single place. Net Kohen, the tech genius behind LinkMe, is definitely revolutionizing the way people connect on digital media.

Net Kohen was only 13 when he started a successful Minecraft server that earned him thousands in middle school. For the tech enthusiast, this was only the beginning. He went on to create incredible websites and apps and eventually ventured into entrepreneurship in high school with NXTGEN, an app development company that paved the way for LinkMe. This innovative app has a user-friendly interface that transforms the social media experience for users.

LinkMe has features identical to any other social media platform that users are accustomed to. People can chat by sending messages, share videos and images, check updates or notifications, and see their friend’s multiple social media profiles in one place. This has not only made digital communication easier for people but also effortless and timesaving. The app stands out with its unique feature “Shouting”. It allows users to simply Shout messages, images, and videos worldwide via the built-in social media platform. The most amazing part is that users don’t have to exit the app or open any social media app to do this. LinkMe is truly upgrading the social media experience globally.

It is not surprising to know that LinkMe’s incredible features have listed it among the top 10 applications on the app store. LinkMe’s verified accounts on social media have already reached millions of followers, and the number is only increasing daily. The LinkMe app also emerged as a proven solution for brands worldwide with its link-in bio feature. This allows users and businesses to seamlessly link their websites directly with their social media accounts, so they don’t have to visit each profile separately.

LinkMe has a passionate team working relentlessly behind it to simplify the social media experience for both new and old users. The app is already a success, and the founders are planning to take it public in the coming years. Net Kohen hopes to see LinkMe on Nasdaq someday as the most popular app that changed the way people network around the world.




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