New ‘For All Mankind’ Footage Pays Tribute to Moon Landing

Joel Kinnaman in the Apple TV+ series "For All Mankind"
Courtesy of Apple

Joel Kinnaman is going to space. The actor appears in a new video Apple TV posted hours ago to promote its Space Age drama For All Mankind, which stars Kinnaman as an astronaut in the midst of the space race between the U.S. and Soviet Union.

The series explores an alternate history after the USSR makes it to the moon first and NASA struggles to keep pace. “It plays off of a scenario of, ‘What needed to happen for the space race to continue?'” Kinnaman told us in an interview.

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The sneak peek teases Kinnaman and co-star Sarah Jones working at NASA in the 1970s, when work uniforms were baby-blue, apparently, and when astronauts were treated like rockstars. The preview also shows plenty of VFX shots of shuttles, rockets and moons. The video comes just five days before the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s historic moon landing. Take a look below:

“You kind of have an instinctive feel that space truly is the final frontier, that it is this place that we can go to and do inspirational things, things that make us better as human beings,” co-creator and executive producer Ronald D. Moore says in the video. Moore’s previous credits include Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He’s previously compared For All Mankind to “Mad Men set at NASA.”

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This isn’t Kinnaman’s first giant leap into sci-fi, either. The Swedish actor previously headlined the RoboCop remake and Suicide Squad, and TV watchers may have seen him in Netflix’s Altered Carbon. His Amazon Prime series, Hanna, dropped earlier this year. As for what drew him to this new series, Kinnaman told us, “[Space is fascinating] because it reminds us of the mystery that life is, and what we’re doing here and what’s our place in this vastness. And that there’s so much we don’t know—it’s the great unknown.”

Watch the full trailer below:

Kinnaman’s series is considered a flagship series for Apple TV+, the tech giant’s new streaming service, where it will live among new series from Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey. For All Mankind launches this fall.

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