Movies, Music, and More: What to Watch and Listen in April 2019

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A still from 'Hail Satan?'Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

If you’re looking for new music to listen to on your commute or something good to watch after work, you’re in luck. This spring, we’re eyeing a treasure trove of podcasts, new albums, and documentaries that we can’t wait to dive into. Here are our picks for the best new releases to put on your list.



Two new, wildly different documentaries—one on earthly matters, the other on spiritual—to check out now.

A Natural Wonder In-book Image

Our Planet

David Attenborough and Co. return with this eight-part, much-anticipated follow-up to 2016’s Planet Earth II. This time, the focus is on the Earth more than the animals that inhabit it (though there are still plenty of animals). We see massive ice chunks cleave from glaciers, monsoon rains flood the Australian desert, and rivers weave through Amazonian rain forest valleys. The Netflix original documentary highlights how these natural occurrences influence wildlife, and what will happen to these creatures should the planet continue to change.

The Reel Deal: Three Top-Shelf New Documentaries

The Reel Deal: Three Top-Shelf New Documentaries

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Hail Satan?

Satanists are a complicated bunch. As this hilarious, often-offensive documentary makes clear, few members of the Satanic Temple actually believe in a horned devil, and instead mostly just like to troll lawmakers—by, say, trying to install a goat-headed satanic idol at the Arkansas capitol. But the Satanists are also, at times, curious allies of Christians and other religious groups, in their staunch, albeit unorthodox, defense of religious liberties.


Battle Hymns

On I Need a War, Hold Steady front man Craig Finn hits his stride as a solo artist, with songs about after-hours parties, druggy girlfriends, and doomed attempts to make good.

Everything You Need to Listen to Music in High-Res

Everything You Need to Listen to Music in High-Res

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Binge these underrated true-crime masterpieces now:

1) Bear Brook, by NHPR Time

2) Blood and Truth, by The Tampa Bay Times

3) Murderville, by The Intercept.

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