Nick Gomez Turns Adversity into Progress

Nick Gomez

Written in partnership with Ascend Agency

The ability to overcome adversity and convert those hardships into foundational growth is what fuels progress. While it is challenging to learn to take difficult circumstances and change the perspective so that they benefit our growth rather than hinder it, this is exactly what Nick Gomez has done, and encourages others to do as well, making forward motion and progress possible.

Nick Gomez is a cryptocurrency master educator and investor, trading multiple 7 figures and helping students around the world do the same. However, this is not where he started out. As a young child, he had very humble beginnings, raised by a single mother, watching her struggle to provide. At 17, he decided that he would find a way to change the outcome for his family, and so began his journey to overcome hardships and make a difference.

As a young man just starting out, his initial goal and focus was to help his mother and impact his family. However, he didn’t yet realize the impact he would have on many families and how his story of overcoming adversity would encourage others to do the same. Getting into crypto was a natural option for Nick, “Trading and investing always fascinated me from an early age and I did what I had to do to get as close as I could to the industry.” He began learning everything he could about the emerging industry.

As his portfolio and knowledge grew, he began to see how important it was to have the right mindset. He recognized his own struggles with uncertainty and fear, facing opposition from his family and peers as he branched out into a new area of trading. He had found support and success in the crypto trading arena and decided that he would use his experience to help others grow and create their own successes as well. “I believe in passing down the baton or torch just as I was once blessed. I believe in helping the next person in line.”

The world of cryptocurrency trading and investing is rapidly growing with limitless potential. Nick Gomez has served over 40k students through his education course, myswipecoin, and continues to educate people around the globe through conferences and meetups, showing the way through struggle to success by example.


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