Nick Kroll’s Guide To Growing Up, But Also Not

Nick Kroll
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Nick Kroll has made a career of playing immature, whether as uber-douche Ruxin in The League or prank-loving elder Gil Faizon in the Broadway hit Oh, Hello. So you’d be justified in assuming he floats through life like a child, but in fact the comedian is, on the contrary, quite thoughtful. That personality plays out shiningly in his new animated series Big Mouth, which follows two adolescent boys as they become men and deal with the attendant hormonal implications.

The show was born out of an impromptu reminiscing session between Kroll and his childhood friend Andrew Goldberg, a writer for Family Guy, that came after The Kroll Show and The League had ended. Deciding to draw from his prepubescent suffering for an outrageous cartoon spectacle is just another example of how Kroll has managed to live the life of a modern day Peter Pan. Here Kroll shares how he has managed to become an adult, while never growing up.

Surround Yourself With Friends You Find Funny 

“I have been so lucky to make so many incredibly funny friends, who happen to enjoy the same jokes and have the same sense of humor that I do. That started with Andrew Goldberg back when we were kids. Every day after school we would go home and watch Wayne’s World, The Producers, or The Princess Bride, multiple times over again. Then we decided that we wanted to be funny ourselves, so we did silly things like prank calling sports radio stations and telling them that we thought that Anthony Mason was a very attractive man. I mean that wasn’t bad for kids. I met John Mulaney in college, we were bonded immediately and he is one of the funniest people I know. Then later when I was in New York doing comedy I met Jason Mantzoukas. Now we are all doing this show together. I have a stand up series I do called “Nick Kroll & Friends”, which is just another chance for me to laugh with my favorite people. It makes the days amazing and I am grateful that I get to do that.”

Never Forget Where You Came From 

“I have really enjoyed making Big Mouth because it has been an excuse to look back on my childhood. There were moments that seemed so dramatic back then, like when Andrew was just absolutely demolished by puberty and the fact that I didn’t get public hair until I was in high school. In the show we portray these events how they felt at the time, with everything from a Hormone Monster to the Ghost of Duke Ellington. But seriously, looking back on everything now has allowed me to understand more about who I am now.”

Happy Birthday AG and Go Homecourt Advantage!

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Never Stop Being A Fan

“I watch sports whenever I can, and I get to watch a lot of the Sunday games. I admit that I pay more attention when the playoffs are going on. I used to be required to watch, back when I was on The League, and I was in a league back then. I have to admit that I have not been in a fantasy football league since then. I kind of miss it, but I do enjoy my life not being dictated by a football schedule. Growing up I was more into basketball, and now I am shooting a movie right now called Uncle Drew with Kyrie Irving, Aaron Gordon, Nate Robinson and Shaq. Kyrie is about to head back to camp pretty soon, so getting to spend time with him before that is cool. My own personal skills probably peaked around the time I was in the 7th Grade, so I have been practicing with a trainer away from everyone else until I am not going to embarrass myself. For a guy who grew up loving and playing basketball, it is an absolute dream.”

Stay Active 

“I am lucky to be able to travel to a lot of amazing places for work, so I mean why not take it to the next level always? If there is something fun to do nearby, I’m going to do it. I like to have a crew around for that as well, when I can. I go

Day stroll.

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Never Turn Down A Trampoline 

“I was in Italy recently with some friends. It was on one of their bucket lists to water ski in Lake Como. Right there at the place where we were renting equipment I was a trampoline by the water, so I jumped on it as long as I could.”

Big Mouth premiers on Netlix on September 29th. 

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