Nick Offerman Shows Us How to Bond With Dad (Silently, While Fishing)

Nick Offerman has a lot to say about beards, woodworking, and going “full bush.” But he also understands the truth behind Keith Whitley’s wise words — and sometimes “you say it best when you say nothing at all.” That’s why in his latest video, Offerman and his father talk about “everything” while actually saying nothing.

The clip is one installment of Nick’s “My Tales of Whiskey” series, which is a collaboration with Lagavulin Whiskey. The partnership allows Nick to sit around, drink whiskey, and be a man of few words (as in, the sitting-for-45-silent-minutes-while-staring-into-a-fire kind of few) and get paid for it. It’s obviously a dream job — and now he’s got his dad in on the fun. "Working with my Dad (aka my hero) was a sincere honor and a treat — especially since all we had to do was go fishing," Nick said in Mashable.

Nick Offerman

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In the special Father’s Day video, we are introduced to the comedian’s pop, Ric Offerman. The two sit peacefully in a canoe, fishing and taking in the scenery. For two solid minutes, no one speaks. But through a series of thoughtful glances and understanding nods — and with the help of a few subtitles ­— the pair reveals just how much is communicated in their Offerman bond of silence. With no spoken words, the video portrays the twosome’s conversation about the weather, carpentry, and a mute exchange of “uncontrollable laughter.”

It’s clear that Nick’s stalwart ways were intact long before his lovable turn as Ron Swanson (who he doesn’t miss playing, by the way ), and that his aloof character is a tribute to his father. “…If people have enjoyed my stoic expressions, then I expect they’re about to have their hats fly off when they lay eyes on the face of the august edifice from whence I sprung," Nick told Mashable. While we are thoroughly enjoying Nick's praise of his heritage, we hope that his two-cent's worth on good jokes, fancy whiskey, and manly pastimes continue on past Father's Day.

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