Nick Offerman Talks About that Time He Got Poison Oak on His Penis

Nick Offerman, the actor, woodworker, and accidental paragon of American masculinity appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night along with his wife, Megan Mullally. The two, there to talk about their comedy special, Summer of 69: No Apostrophe, offered up a lot more than your usual celebrity plug for their forthcoming show. 

Kicking things off by pointing out the table and coasters on set that Offerman had made, Colbert asks Mullally “Is it nice having a handyman? Has he made you anything special?” Mullally deadpans, “He’s very good with his… hands,” before Colbert retorts, “And how is he with his wood?” She then candidly reveals he once made her a hand-carved, heart-shaped box for her engagement ring and how they met: “He was sleeping on a couch in someone’s basement, so great catch!”

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Nick Offerman: "Jesus God, Let Me Just Swing a Hammer”

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The biggest shock of the night, though, was the discussion of how Offerman once suffered from poison oak on his penis. “I like walking and hiking and running in the woods. And there was a trail… and there was a beautiful poison oak tree with an orifice a couple feet off the ground,” Offerman recounts. “I must have brushed against some poison oak and inadvertently gotten oil on my hands and then took a leak in the woods,” with Mullally chiming in that, yes, he still returns to that same trail. You can watch the full exchange above.

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