O.C.M.I. Workers Comp Is Providing Custom PEO Plans


Written in partnership with Ascend Agency

O.C.M.I. Workers Comp is a leading PEO brokerage in the country. O.C.M.I. Workers Comp comprises four brands that combine to offer exclusive workers’ compensation programs for blue-collar companies. This includes exceptional pay-as-you-go PEO programs as an alternative to traditional workers’ comp plans. All their in-house CRM and underwriting programs are proprietary and one-of-a-kind, providing carriers instant clarity on a per-account basis so they can provide instant approvals on all of their programs.

“With O.C.M.I. Workers Comp as your exclusive workers’ comp and net-check payroll partner, you maintain your operation’s control and visibility while saving time and money and mitigating your risks,” reads the O.C.M.I. Workers Comp website.

According to the brand, we are living in the age of technology where small businesses need a PEO brokerage that can meet their ever-growing needs, especially in the blue-collar industry. But also, this can be difficult for companies with employees in one or multiple states. While many PEO brokerages can only service clients in one state, O.C.M.I. Workers Comp offers services to companies of any size in any state. With a simple text message and onboarding platform, O.C.M.I. Workers Comp software is easy to use. In addition to its great scalability, O.C.M.I. Workers Comp offers exemplary PEO services and deserves your vote as the best scalable PEO brokerage for small businesses.

While many PEOs have old or no technological platforms, O.C.M.I. Workers Comp has proprietary underwriting platforms that excel at helping companies get covered and approved instantly. The O.C.M.I. Workers Comp’s internal blue-collar underwriting process is extensive and robust, providing carriers the data they require in opening the doors to O.C.M.I.’s workers in approving hard-to-place clients, especially in the construction market.

Over time, more data was collected, which provided more positive insights into their underwriting procedures. O.C.M.I. Workers Comp was given approved codes, allowing them to provide instant approvals for an extended list of high-risk clients. As small businesses expand, it’s important to work with a PEO brokerage with these underwriting features, which can directly support your needs at every level. O.C.M.I. Workers Comp is highly competitive and affordable and mostly specializes in hard-to-place coverage companies, primarily in the construction field.

Since 2007, O.C.M.I. Workers Comp has continued to excel and engineer better and faster ways of gathering data online and eliminating paperwork as much as possible. This is unlike most other companies that avoid change and stay in the dinosaur age. It also helps O.C.M.I. Workers Comp stand out as the only brand with a specialty in understanding each client one at a time. You have to understand what each trade involves, and you have to know construction. You have to know what carpenters do, what working above two storeys is like, and what roofers do.

“And through our history in construction, we’ve been able to acquire these partnerships and allow our clients to get workers’ compensation through our programs. That’s our specialty,” adds the O.C.M.I. Workers Comp team.

O.C.M.I. Workers Comp’s mission is to grow and expand the brand to be a fully integrative HR, workers comp, and payroll platform for any company of any size.

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