“Only the Brave” Trailer Teases the Heroic Story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots

The first trailer for the upcoming film Only the Brave has been released, chronicling the tragic events of June 30, 2013, when 19 men on the Granite Mountain Hotshot team were killed while fighting the Yarnell Hill wildfire in Arizona.

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Sony made a special release of the official trailer to honor and acknowledge the first National Heroes Day. After getting goosebumps watching the heroism displayed in the spot, we can only imagine the emotion the feature-length film will evoke after it’s released on October 29th, via Sony.

During the trailer we see a perfectly-cast roster of A-list actors bring the fallen heroes (dubbed the “Seal Team 6″ of firefighters) and their story to the silver screen. Josh Brolin stars as Granite Mountain Hotshots leader Eric Marsh, Miles Teller as lone-survivor Brendan Mcdonough, Taylor Kitsch as hotshot Chris MacKenzie, and Jennifer Connelly as Amanda Marsh, the wife of Brolin’s character. Throughout the trailer, you see how the team of Granite Mountain became a brotherhood who not only had to fight terrifying and violent flames sweeping wildly across the west, but also those who doubted them and the impact that saving lives had on their own personal lives. “It’s not easy sharing your man with a fire,” one character says.

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