Or Dori of Luxuri on the Power of Relationships

Or Dori
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While many great entrepreneurs posit varying secrets to success, a vast majority believe that the power of one’s network can truly set them apart. Some successful entrepreneurs like to believe they found success on their own, those with true longevity understand that networking has a unique ability to enable any entrepreneur to grow their existing ventures and pursue new opportunities. Harvard Business Review agrees that investing time in one’s network may prove to be an entrepreneur’s greatest investment. Since the invention of the internet and the rise in popularity of social media, the power of networking has only grown exponentially.

Or Dori is a key leader at Luxuri, a Miami-based property management and vacation rental company disrupting the market with their unparalleled concierge service and growing real estate brokerage. Luxuri, founded by Jonathan Campau, is rapidly cornering the Miami vacation rental market, quickly growing its concierge services, and becoming the favorite choice for real estate investors, all with the help of Dori as Campau’s second in command. As Miami has seen an influx of commerce, record real estate prices, and an increased amount of cultural attention since the start of COVID-19, Luxuri’s real estate brokerage sold over $115 million worth of property in just the last 8 months and Luxuri’s property management & vacation rental division is on pace to earn $20 million in revenue this year.

Luxuri is entrenched in the real estate investment game. As the more real estate investors the Luxuri team can attract, the more properties they have to manage, therefore leading to more luxury homes they have to offer as vacation rentals. For the Luxuri clients that are interested, and almost all of them are, once the Luxuri brokerage team helps them purchase a new high-end property, the property management division furnishes the home and offers it to their network as a vacation rental. As the Luxuri concierge service is well-known by celebrities, prominent entrepreneurs, and successful investors as the premier service for luxury experiences in Miami, all of Luxuri’s properties turn a profit.

While Luxuri got its start in the rental arbitrage game, Campau has also been purchasing multi-million-dollar properties in addition to the properties in their investors’ portfolios. Now Luxuri is building equity as the company went from renting homes 5 years ago to buying 2- and 3-million-dollar villas today.

Of course, while the beauty of the property itself and the attention to detail attract clients to the vacation rental service, Luxuri’s ability to enable any desirable Miami-based lifestyle experience for their clients truly sets the company apart. Not only is this concierge service critical to the health and growth of the vacation rental business, but it also drives sales for Luxuri’s brokerage.

Dori started as a property manager, but quickly rose through the ranks at Luxuri due to his tenacity and his ability to leverage his network. First, Dori is in charge of the property management and vacation rental logistics, making sure that all of the properties are up to Luxuri’s brand quality and consistently booked at the right price. Dori plays a key role in an investor’s ability to earn a return on their investment as he makes sure to maximize the property’s revenue without raising the owner’s expenses

As a Miami-native, Dori knows how to speak the local language and has a natural understanding of the lifestyle and popular establishments. While any tech-savvy or sociable person can figure out a way to have fun in Miami, only a local who is connected and committed to the city’s culture can truly facilitate an authentic, unique, and premier experience. Under Dori’s guidance, he and the rest of the Luxuri team spend countless hours researching and nurturing relationships with tastemakers and decision-makers at the most popular Miami-based restaurants, clubs, and establishments like E11EVEN, Mr. Jones, Papi Steak, LIV, Story, and more. In addition to helping Luxuri clients book the dinner or night of their dreams, Dori and the Luxuri team can set clients up with luxury cars, day trips on a yacht, as well as any other activity or excursion they can think of. Again, as a Miami-native, Dori can successfully garner these personal relationships with important people throughout the city, threading the needle and not getting taken advantage of or coming off as a nuisance.

Beyond using his social sense, network, and innate Miami finesse, Dori draws upon his previous experience managing social media accounts to run Luxuri’s social media strategy, digital marketing vision, and overall online presence. Dori also uses his expertise to help spearhead internal technological innovations as well as to run the Luxuri website and the app.

As a key leader at Luxuri, all individual leaders of the brokerage division, operations side, and marketing team report directly to Dori.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Or!


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