Orel Asformas: High School Dropout to Successful Entrepreneur and Marketer

Orel Asformas

Everyone is gifted with different talents and has a different path in life. Only some people make it through the formal education system. Many have found themselves tied down by the status quo, unable to do what they like best or follow their passion. Such is the inspiring story of Orel Asformas, who decided to follow wat he thought instead of what other people were telling him.

Orel grew up in Israel but currently lives in Belarus. His story is unique and inspirational at the same time. His childhood was not the best. As a school-going kid, he followed what friends and family wanted. He was, of course, not happy about this approach.

Where Orel grew up, parents and teachers drug kids with ADHD pills. They were forced to sit in the classroom and learn like other kids instead of realizing that everyone is gifted differently. According to him, kids with ADHD should just be left to find their passion and do what makes them happy. He didn’t see the need to teach someone geometry when they’re interested in music. Orel was opposed to this mindset, which made him drop out of school.

Orel has become a highly reputable marketer and entrepreneur and has built a strong portfolio. He uses his skills and what he believes in to convince clients to make a purchase. In one of his approaches, Orel makes the problem appear bigger before offering a solution. This method has proved to be very effective in motivating clients to take a bold step and buy something. He also advises other marketers to compare cheap and expensive items to help clients visualize the loss and gains of buying from them.

WIth big dreams, Orel is currently one of the best entrepreneurs and marketers with big dreams. In an interview, he reveals his plan to bring like-minded people together. His mega project is to acquire a plot of land and build 20 houses. He then plans to sell them to people who subscribe to his line of thought. His dream is to have a community of people with the same mindset where everyone is free to share any facility on the property.

Orel uses his childhood experiences to advise others to listen to themselves, not their families and friends. He was constantly being pushed to conform to societal expectations of going to school and making it through books. But when he realized he only needed to listen to himself, he took a different path that led him to his current success. He uses this to ask people to stop pushing their kids to do what they don’t want. In his mind, he knew not everyone was meant to become an engineer, a lawyer, or a doctor.

According to his story, there is an opportunity for everyone, and you can be successful when you follow what you want. Orel believes that you will make it if you listen to yourself and channel your energy into what you are passionate about.

Written in partnership with JJL3 Marketing

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