The Parks and Rec Set Lives On … As Canoe Paddles

parks and rec canoe paddles

While it can be said about a lot of iconic characters played by actors, it’s especially difficult to separate Nick Offerman, the actual living unscripted human, from Ron Swanson, the fictional director of the Pawnee Parks and Recreations Department he played on Parks and Recreation.

Both are fans of plain-speaking, both are Midwestern, and both enjoy blowing off steam with some woodworking. Offerman’s woodworking is back in the news, with Parks and Rec co-creator Michael Schur recently sharing with the world that Offerman had made the cast and crew of the show canoe paddles with wood salvaged from the show.

Given that a canoe was how Ron Swanson said thanks to Mark Brendanawicz so many years ago, it makes for an extremely fitting gift. It also makes us hope the whole thing went down a little bit like this:

Offerman or Swanson?

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It’s hardly Offerman’s first foray into intricate woodworking, a topic he’s happy to tell you all about (including the ever-important “Don’t drink beer while you’re using tools” rule). While you sadly can’t get a canoe paddle branded with the seal of the great city of Pawnee (yet), you can buy a baseball bat or a birdhouse built by the man himself. And again, not to confuse reality with television, but the woodshop featured on Offerman’s homepage looks like a cleaner version of Ron Swanson’s oily-rag-filled death trap of a woodshop we once saw on TV. So while celebrities are almost always way too well-off for you to do favors for, the reward for helping out Nick Offerman is bound to be tremendous.

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