Paul Hilse: From Being Homeless to Building A 7 Figure Empire

Paul Hilse

With life, you can let hardships take control or take a lesson from them to improve. For Paul Hilse, it was a long process – but a simple choice.

As a teenager, Paul was living the life. He earned a good income with a start-up YouTube automation business. He’d just been accepted into his dream college and had an exciting future ahead of him. That is, until his mother was sucked into a scam.

According to Hilse, his father had always been the family’s breadwinner, and when he passed away, Hilse’s mother had to take over. She didn’t know how to deal with the finances and quickly got into trouble with a real estate scam.

“She took huge loans out of our house and sent a bunch of money abroad, thinking there would be an investment. And overnight, I became homeless,” he says.

Hilse’s whole world fell apart. Paul had to use the money from the YouTube business to pay off his mother’s debt while it was still coming in. She didn’t know English, and his father died, making things harder. Hilse had to step up and deal with the police, bank, and FBI.

“Imagine an 18-year-old kid going through all that.”

But while many would be grieving, Paul Hilse saw it as an opportunity.

At this point, he was homeless and had barely had time to process the grief of his father’s death. But Paul thought to himself…

“I can either weep in my despair and be a victim. Or I can do everything necessary to get out of this situation. This feeling sucks. But I’m not going to let it define me.”

With determination behind him, Paul Hilse got his family out of this desperate situation. Today, he runs a successful YouTube company that inspires others to make positive changes in life. And it could help you, too.

Moving Onwards and Upwards

It wasn’t an overnight process, though. It was simply more that Hilse didn’t want to work for anyone else, and college wasn’t the right fit either. Hilse was inspired by his father, who had come to the US with only a backpack and a dream and became a successful property investor through hard work and persistence. So, he took his YouTube automation channels to new levels. He started working with a business plan and went from one YouTube channel to several. It wasn’t long before his income increased, and he realized that if he could do it, everyone else could too.

And so, Freedom Accelerator was born.

“Freedom Is Only Possible by Constantly Struggling for It” – Einstein

Freedom Accelerator is an intensive coaching company helping others achieve success through YouTube Automation. It offers hands-on support and weekly coaching calls, including content creation and channel management advice, a coaching program with step-by-step instructions, and plans to help others comfortably enter the YouTube Automation space.

“I called it Freedom Accelerator because it’s attached to my ultimate way of helping myself get more freedom but also helping others get more freedom. To break away from the chains of whatever societal norm they’re constructed by, whether the nine to five, the debt they have, and so on.”

Freedom Accelerator is a place where people can break away from the chains of everyday living.

Today, Hilse helps others like you find online success, and he has more than three million subscribers across several YouTube channels. He not only educates others, but he also helps them achieve their results.

One of Hilse’s students, Dre, has turned that action into $43,000 monthly. Andrew, a top student, earns $20,000 a month, and Joshua, new to the program, has already created a daily income of $500.

Hilse’s advice to anyone considering signing up for Freedom Accelerator?

“Show up, take action, and you’ll have tremendous results.”

Written in partnership with Luke Lintz

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