Richard Garcia Shares the Wisdom Behind His Investment Strategy

Richard Garcia
Courtesy Richard Garcia

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Not everyone is privileged to be born rich; however, dying poor is a choice. The world holds so many opportunities for people to become financially independent, but some still choose to rely on trust funds or other financial means that make them live from hand to mouth. Thankfully, Richard Garcia realized this earlier in life to become a multi-million-dollar real estate mogul and investor today. Currently, he is traveling the world while also helping aspiring investors as a mentor sharing his expertise and experiences on a platform named

Richard Garcia started his journey with Walmart. However, he only earned $7 an hour, which hardly covered his personal expenses. During that time, Garcia was a teen, still in school, and desperately looking for a better-paying job. At 17, one of his acquaintances referred him to a job in the Bank of America, which became a turning point in his career. From late 2007 to early 2013, Garcia worked at the Bank of America in several positions garnering unparalleled knowledge and experience in the sales and finance industry.

Initially, Garcia was the mortgage loan officer at the Bank of America, visiting schools and educating people on how to build credit and how to apply for loans and mortgages. Gradually he worked up his way to becoming a senior personal banker. Finally, during the last couple of years of working at the bank of America, Garcia moved to the bank’s private sector. At this time, Garcia was already making thousands of dollars from his paycheck and incentives combined and had already quit college.

Garcia reinvested his earnings into trading penny stocks to grow his wealth, using trading as a secondary form of income besides his job to buy his first property. He then bought a further property during this time. One, he lived in, and the other, he rented out to add to his income stream. After he left the bank job, Garcia lived off his income from stock trading and real estate until he married and had his first child. However, Garcia was aware of the unpredictability of the market, and incidentally, his income from real estate was not enough to support his standard of living. So, Richard set out to build a steady career, but this time, not in finance but in technology.

He joined a start-up as a talent recruiter, which Elon Musk’s cousin owned. Then, he climbed the ladder to work at top-rated companies like Tesla, Google, and Facebook. During all these years, Garcia judiciously invested in real estate to build an impressive multi-million portfolio. From just two properties, he now owns 10 properties and 30 apartments, including duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes. Due to his numerous streams of passive income and investment returns, Richard constantly pulls off a six-figure earning monthly; this spurred him and assured him the confidence to quit his job to pursue his dream lifestyle.

Today, Garcia is traveling the world with no worries about finances. He has automated his real estate business to function regardless of his absence. During the pandemic lockdown, Garcia authored a book narrating his journey from a Walmart employee to a million-dollar investor and realtor. The book Seven Steps to Wealth Creation amassed 10K downloads on Amazon, motivating Garcia to mentor interested investors. He now designs courses on to help people multiply their wealth through prudent investment. Garcia will continue traveling the world while scaling up his real estate portfolio and, more importantly, designing valuable courses to help millions follow in his footsteps.

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