Premium Event Staffing: Runway Waiters Is Taking the Events Industry to a New Level

Runway Waiters
Courtesy of Runway Waiters

Written in partnership with Runway Influence

Having an eye-catching team as the face of an event is vital for anyone planning to hold a high-end event. It will not only boost your image but also create a lasting impression on your guests. Runway Waiters is a premium event staffing company that augments the image of your events. They help you create a great positive image and lasting impression, paving the way for more opportunities for your brand.

Runway Waiters aims to take the events industry to a new level. They are incorporating high fashion models experienced in bartending, serving, brand promotion, hosting, classy events, store openings, and private parties, thus delivering top-notch services that exceed expectations while promoting the ambiance and services.

Runway Waiters is taking in-store staffing with their fashion clients to a new level with agency-signed models. Normally, models continuously look for work between modeling campaigns, runway shows, and photo shoots, so the integration idea benefits both industries. Runway Waiters only hire models signed to top modeling agencies like Wilhelmina, Ford Models, NEXT Models, IMG, Elite, Storm, The Lions, etc.

“The models that work fashion show runways internationally and book major fashion campaigns are the same models that work the events. They can be on the runway for NYFW one day and be tray passing champagne at Louis Vuitton’s spring line event the next,” The CEO asserts.

In the beginning, Runway Waiters enriched events by bringing on board good-looking individuals with warm personalities to highlight fashion brands. They would work in-store where models are used to show off the brand’s clothing, making it so easy to bring models to the stores.

Runway Waiters are proud to have expanded from working in Los Angeles to working in every major city in America, including Hawaii. “We’ve done events at some of the most exclusive places in the world and have had times where we staff 50 events across the country in one weekend. We’re a small but mighty team that continues to expand in the production and high-end events world nationwide using in-store services, brand ambassadors, catering staff, and more,” reveals Runway Waiter’s marketing manager.

The Runway Waiters crew confesses to having struggled to keep up with trends and expansion. They went from being in-store to private parties to corporate events and are currently utilizing model staff in productions, Instagram influencer work, and social media marketing. They’ve learned to be flexible and stay on trend with what the world wanted the hard way. Runway Waiters can’t become complacent because, by the time they get comfortable with one entity of event model staffing, a new up-and-coming trend comes along, and they have to jump on. Despite this challenge, everything else has worked as planned, and they could not be happier.

Runway Waiters has dreams and aspirations to expand to neighboring states and get more involved with the production side of the events business by the end of next year. They have magnificently produced numerous events for established brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Adidas, and can’t wait to take on more high-profile events. They also look forward to the company’s name becoming synonymous with event models, where every model and fashion brand worldwide would know Runway Waiters, and every event producer would instantly think of Runway Waiters when hiring models for their fashion events.


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