Get Ready for a New Show About Nothing: ‘Seinfeld’ Is Coming to Netflix This Fall

Seinfeld is streaming on Netflix
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The hottest new show on Netflix is a laugh-track laden sitcom about nothing that aired its last episode in 1998. You guessed it: Seinfeld is making its debut on the streaming platform, confirming its status as one of the most successful TV series ever. Starting this October, all 180 episodes of the beloved ’90s sitcom (spanning nine seasons) will be available to watch on Netflix.



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Netflix announced the move with a short, tongue-in-cheek trailer and a sly press release that teased “2021’s hottest new show” created by “rising stars Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.”

“This is the first time we’ve taken a risk of this nature, going all in on 9 seasons at the jump,” Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos said in a statement quoted by the Los Angeles Times.


Rest assured, there’s nothing new about this show—you’ll still get the same antics from Elaine, George, Jerry, and Kramer and all of the “adventures” they get themselves into, including getting lost in a parking garage, having heated conversations in Tom’s Restaurant, and generally dealing with the ups and downs of living in New York City in the ’90s. Even on TV, it seems, some things never change.


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It’s also a clear confirmation that creators Seinfeld and David struck gold with their first series—an unlikely success story in a tough industry. In a joking statement, Seinfeld downplayed making one of the most well-known shows ever to grace a TV screen.

“Larry and I are enormously grateful to Netflix for taking this chance on us. It takes a lot of guts to trust two schmucks who literally had zero experience in television when we made this thing,” Seinfeld said. “We really got carried away, I guess. I didn’t realize we made so many of them. Hope to recoup god knows how many millions it must have taken to do. But worth all the work if people like it. Crazy project.”

Whether you’re a die-hard Seinfeld fan or haven’t yet learned who the Soup Nazi is, now’s your chance to dive in—all the episodes will be available to watch on Netflix on Oct. 1.

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