Shafiq Ali Is Setting a New Standard for the Jewelry Industry with SunyTheJeweler

SunyThe Jeweler

Written in partnership with Ascend Agency

The jewelry industry has undoubtedly been around for centuries and is not going away anytime soon. The different ways jewelry is made and the different looks may vary across the world due to the influence of different cultures; however, it’s safe to say that gems and precious stones are desired across the globe. With time, some jewelry companies have started to innovate and take a more progressive approach, leading to interesting concepts and top-notch quality. Among the few that could take on such a task is Shafiq Ali, owner of SunyTheJeweler.

While you may have heard of the term “celebrity scientist” or “celebrity chef,” this is where the celebrity jeweler concepts come in. Due to the incredible quality, service, and experience SunyTheJeweler is able to offer its clients, it’s easy to see why they are progressing the way they are.

SunyTheJeweler has changed the game when it comes to this competitive industry. To start with, they deal directly with diamond brokers from India and Dubai. This way, they can stay in the loop and get lower rates. These rates directly translate to better prices for SunnyTheJeweler’s customers. However, there is more to SunyTheJeweler’s story and how they get their diamonds.

As it turns out, SunyTheJeweler has their very own factory in Surat, India, where they have employed more than 120 professionally trained people for essential tasks. This includes diamond setting, product rendering and overall craftsmanship. This level of care and passion is hardly seen in any industry. Due to this, SunyTheJeweler attracts high-end consumers and celebrities.

NFL and NBA players are a regular part of SunyTheJeweler’s client list. Along with this, they also cater to athletes around the world. They made a rare Pokémon diamond case for Logan Paul, and they did not just do this once, but twice. Their second creation was even more of a stunner, worth $5.2 million.

Shafiq Ali mentions how his journey has been amazing but also very challenging. He talks about how hard it is to make it into the jewelry industry and says it’s sad when people come in using materials such as CVD. CVD are lab-made diamonds that often mimic real ones.

He talks about how SunyTheJeweler has never been interested in using CVD, and how they never will. This is something they are proud of, and no matter how popular it might get in the industry, they will still stick to genuine and authentic diamonds.

In the future, SunyTheJeweler wants to move into lesser developed areas of the world and help build schools where children can study jewelry design. Ali mentions that there are many opportunities for these kids, and he wants to help educate them. In terms of SunyTheJeweler, Ali wants to work further with his NFL and NBA customers and establish even stronger, long-lasting relationships with them. To Ali, It’s about a long-term commitment, not a one-time commitment.

With the ethics, passion, and love that Shafiq Ali has for this business, it’s no doubt that he will turn SunyTheJeweler into a global jewelry icon while helping children receive a quality education.

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